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Organized Design: Best Layout Methods

Where would a website be without its layout? Layout is so central to all aspects of web design, it’s hard to imagine designing without it. Even harder to grasp is designing with poor layouts. The challenges presented by doing so stack up quickly, and the result is usually not very pretty.

Ineffective layout makes for cluttered websites that do nothing but confuse and frustrate users. This is because the layout forms the basis for all other elements in the design of a page. Needless to say, disorganization is one of the may pitfalls associated with layout issues, but an orderly layout is not hard to achieve.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few methods for layout success concerning this basic ingredient of design.

The Slip n’ Sliders

So many of the best layouts allow users to view large amounts of information packed conveniently into a great looking and fully functional package. Sliders accomplish this by keeping sometimes pages full of information passing across a fixed page background.


Another great layout organizer, the rollover is not only a practical way to address clutter concerns, it’s also quite cool and convenient. User-friendly layout additions benefit both user and designer alike. The user gets an effortless glance at the particular details of a subject, and the designer gets a good reputation upheld.


The Friendly Window

This layout solution is user friendliness at its best. The modal window puts a site’s content in layered perspective – without disrupting the flow of the foundational layout. This makes for a nice floating element that stands out just enough to get the visitor’s attention, giving the user the option of how and when to look away. When done correctly, it’s a nice present for the eyes as well – a very friendly feature.


Large volume drop down menus are the latest and greatest in navigation design providing a vast array of information at the user’s fingertips without encumbering the page. In other words, this is the trendy way to convey quite a few menu items at once without adding confusion to the mix. The result is clean content that keeps layouts nice and lean.

Ruby On Rails Guide The Grid A good grid gets you great reception every time. There’s no better way to do away with the clutter of a layout than to clean it up with grid lines that refuse to give up form for fashion. The key here is to stay in control of large volumes of information without diminishing all the good a website has to offer. Conclusion The importance of the perfect layout cannot be over stated. It’s a fundamental aspect and a cornerstone on which all other elements are built. With these few ideas, you’re off to a good start.


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