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Photography as the Source of Inspiration

There are several photographic websites on the internet all showing millions of photographs from all over the world. All of these photos and graphics have a base point which has to strike a cord on some level. The range and variety of photos and graphics goes from modern to dark and grunge. Somewhere along the way in looking for inspiration you will be sure to find it here. Many times when we lost and needing a motivational point it is good to go here and just browse through them to see through others eyes.

On places like Flickr, you can join different groups and again social media comes into play. While some groups critique photos and give tips, others will focus on the merits of the composition of the photo and the photographic angles. Which ever groups you join you will end up learning a lot about photography. Just by looking at the top 100 chosen each day you will be viewing some really great photographs.

Some groups on Flickr focus on particular aspects and places like the portrait group can lead you into character photography. Taking photos of various people and displaying the people of countries can be very interesting, but you also have to remember that there are very suspicious people around the world and there are some tribes that regard this as the taking of the soul. Be very sure you know what you are doing before taking photos of people. You also need to have written permission to display them.

A group that takes Black and White photographs is very interesting, and it is an art to take photos in this medium. It is not the simple point and snap. It’s the thinking in a black and white medium and in light and shade.

Your definition of objects and the way the shadows fall becomes far more of focus in black and white. It is extremely inspirational.

The group section that includes vintage advertising is really something that brings back a lot of nostalgic memories of the olden days.

Here you have the glimpse of a far slower more relaxed lifestyle, which although there were no TVs, Cell phones and only a few radios. Life was far more real and not a plastic bottle in sight. Life might have been harder, but it was definitely a healthier lifestyle. This can inspire you to think in a more relaxed mode and bring back the basics into your design.

Another group that is extremely interesting and inspirational is Unforgettable Pictures. This unfortunately is an invite only group, but if you manage to get to know someone and get invited you will find it extremely interesting.

Geographic Photosets is a group that spans the world with photos of all sorts of places. If you can’t find inspiration from the world around you, I guess you will never find it. This is something I would love to do myself. Travel the world and just photograph it from all angles.


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