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Places Where You Can Look for Design Inspiration

I know as a designer sometimes it happens that you need an idea or a shade of inspiration for your design and find yourself completely blanked? I am sure that your answer is “yes”. And I am also sure that you have already found the solution. We all know that by visiting different websites, we can find the excellent ideas, which can really help us. There are a lot of great websites created to inspire the designers, so let’s have a look at some of them!

Best Web Gallery

Best Web Gallery is the place where you can find the best Flash designs and XHTML designs. It has an easy to use interface and here, you are allowed to preview a certain design while you are hovering over its image, particularly. You can read and leave your comments regarding the designs.


FWA or Favorite Website Awards displays great Flash designs. If you are awarded by FWA, it means that you are one of the most talented web designers.

Unmatched Style

Unmatched Style deals with acknowledging wonderful CSS-based web designs. Here you can comment and rate the sites posted here. Moreover, you can find news, resources links, and interviews with the best designers, and so on.

At Adobe Design

At Adobe Design Center, you can find articles tips on interactive and motion designs, galleries. It has a gallery where you can find designs from many different fields. You can also take the advantage of the tutorials and the articles posted here.

Web Crème

Web Crème is another place that deserves your attention. It is a very simplistic gallery but in spite of this fact, it can be a great inspiration source for web designers. Every entry is tagged with its primary color palette. In this way, the designers can view designs that match to what they are looking for regarding the color theme.


Flickr was created by Patrick Haney, and it contains web designs with over 400 designs. Every design in a set has a short description of the website.


LogoPond, allows you to submit your designs, to receive and share feedbacks from different members. The comments regarding the displayed designed can be a valuable source for you. More on, here you can find tips, suggestions and advice, and so you can inspire yourself for your projects. 


Pixelawards gathers well-designed, exclusive, and handpicked websites into a unique gallery. You can rate every design, and it is a place where you can find the design you need very easily.

Of course, my list can continue because there are many other places that can be a rich source of inspiration for you. However, here I have tried to select the best web pages where you might easily find what you need for your designs. And I really hope you guys enjoy this list. I’ll include some more in the future.

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  1. Kyrone Kel

    another favourite of mine is thebestdesigns.com … be sure to check it out!!!

  2. Mike Martin

    Thanks for posting this. I found it to be a pretty good resource although I stay away from Flash content for SEO purposes.


  3. Selle Rolex

    Get things done on time..! Right here right Now…!

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