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Plug-ins for jQuery

One of the joys of WordPress is all the plug-ins you can get for it. When you specialize a little further with it, you can concentrate it down to jQuery plug-ins. These can be very helpful and give you the opportunity of using all sorts of neat little projects.

In taking a look at a few of the plug-ins available you can find a huge variety and one of them was an open source one for creating a neat little balloon. This was called CuteBalloon.

Just as it describes it makes a balloon pop up for you. It is in an open source download format so you might have to get the unzip for open source if you don’t already have it.

Captify is the next Plug-in.

This creates captions, which appear in images and is a simple tool that can be used in rollovers. This makes it a very innovative and brings life to the task of looking at images. It is a very small file as it is only 2.3kb.

On occasions, we need to put a chart into a post to demonstrate something. When this happens, there is a little plug-in, which is very useful. It is called gvChart.

This creates an interactive chart in various forms which you can use on your website. The rollover of the mouse will show the popup window.

Another great one is a mapping chart for your webpage.

This gives you a Google map of a particular area. You will need to put in the Google api key for this to work. You can find the download for this plug-in on Vigetlabs.

Validation of forms is important.

This plug-in has been written to make the work of validation extremely simple.  Instead of battling with rather cumbersome hand written code just use this to write your forms and make sure that people give you the information you need.

Do you want to sort a table or a column? Well there is a little jQuery plug-in that will do this for you.  It is an animated table sorter.

This means you can sort a table by various different rows. It can be useful if you want to give people the option of looking for items by different categories.

Nowadays, Xhtml is the thing to use and this next plug in allows you to use this for videos. It’s a classy clean way of showing videos. This is called Flarevideo.

Here you have an up to date method of showing videos that are going to not take up major bandwidth. There are a few other items you will need to go with it, but they specify these on the download page. This is an open source and you can use it for commercial use.

Ever wanted to make a slider for your photos that can move them easily at the pace the viewer wants to use. Try coin slider.

Instead of slicing the image in stripes this does it in blocks. It can be a useful way of getting images of interest to the public.


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