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Problems using website validation services

The art of website validation is as important to a designers profile as the application of fonts, graphics, content or illustrations to a web page.
Precisely, it involves the application of tools such as W3C’s Markup Validation services.
It is a very efficient tool in detecting and explaining inconsistencies operating with the design construction.

Current Practices

While identifying problems it is wise to first examine what designers do and how easily their practices can be a contravention in terms of validation criteria. It is important to realize the borders between commonsense and the practical application of validation. Precisely good judgment must prevail anytime when in doubt. Really, it is a time to find out.

Omitting a valid code

Omitting a valid code for any web design can be deliberate or a mere oversight. Designers, however, ought to make it a matter of duty by upholding the integrity of the discipline and utilize a valid code when it is required for a production.Alexa top 100 sites is a very useful example of how validation inconsistencies do occur when designers simply ignore it. Amazon.com front page does not validate, but at the same time it is not that they are negligent. It may just be that may be ignorant.

Blindly following the rules

Omitting and blindly following the rules are antonyms as it relates to web designing language. While validations of web designs are essential artifacts within the culture it is equally ludicrous to try obtaining validation for every aspect of the design. Always remember that this is not a fanatical engagement to please a particular group of celebrities within the industry. Rather it is a way of creating some level of authenticity in the science.

Therefore, blindly following every instruction to the letter compromises creativity and great judgment. Importantly, without these two magnificent features the industry would not have been what it is today. The caution is to be creative in applying validation codes and do not blindly follow them without questioning their validity.

Context king

Experts project that professionals often overlook the value of context. Validation tools must always then be understood within the context they operate. They are machines programmed by humans to function a certain way. Definitely, they will not be as selective as humans, since they do not have the ability to do so. As such, context is king knowing that humans can make decisions which robots can’t. Validations tools are like robots.

Code validations

W3C HTML and CSS valuators are the most popular techniques on the market today. Code enforcement designers always try to satisfy the curiosity of end users by slavishly ensuring that every pattern on their design fits a particular code to reflect the validation inscribed. It may even get to the point of sterilizing the ingenuity of the designer.
Be careful with these validation procedures. They are similar to soft ware advertisements proclaiming awards from download sites as justification for using their product. These are the problems with which computer technology industry is plagued. It is fascinating to note that it now has its infringement upon the web designing as this is gaining momentum. Everyone is trying to stake a claim to the invention.


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