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Programs that Freelancers Need for their Business

Working freelance online can be a hazardous job at the best of times.  Some of the hazards range from work not turning up on time to computers going down to internet failure. The decision to work online is one that takes a bit of courage. You are working yourself. You do not have a salary to rely on, and you are responsible for your own equipment time keeping and money management. Once you are established, however, it is a good life but a hard one. The hours will be long, and you have to keep yourself motivated. It can be lonely although you have the web to keep you company. One thing you need to keep in mind if you work on your own. Each and every day you need to move out of your environment and interact with people. It’s important for your mind, for your work and your health.

There are a number of programs that you can get to help you work as a freelancer designer. This will help you in ways you didn’t imagine.  Think of the line of work you are doing in the freelance design be it in the typography line or in the photographic field. And see which of the tools you can download and use for yourself.

If you are working freelance make sure you have a signed contract for the work you do. There is nothing more soul destroying than working on a design for weeks on end and the customer declining to pay at the end of it. Echosign is a simple solution which has a contract application that means you can get a legal secure way of signing a contract between yourself and your client. You can sign up free and get 5 free contracts per month. After that there is a monthly cost of $29.95 per person. If you are just starting out the free account should do for now. They hold a weekly webinar to explain how it works.

Google is one of the places where you can get several free applications as well as several paid ones. The business applications cost $50 per year after your free month is over. These include documents, calendar as well as the apps marketplace. There are considerable more applications when you pay the $50 than you get with the free section.

When you work for yourself, you need to work smarter not harder. To do this you need some time management application.

Rescue time is an easy management application that makes you keep track of the tasks you can do and enables you what you can eliminate to work more efficiently.

If you need to organize meetings with people you can keep track of your time schedule with meetifyr.  You have a tool that will enable you to keep track of yourself, your colleagues and friends provided, they keep it up to date. Extremely simple to use and make arrangements with the people you do business with on a regular basis.

These are the few simple ways to keep your days organized when you are a freelancer.


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