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Proper Use Of Typography for Web Design

Typography can be referred to as the technique of arranging typefaces for communication purposes. In simple words, the typography process means to make an arrangement  to transmit a clear message. Having a good typography includes the factor of attracting attention as well as providing visual accuracy even to the smallest aspect of the website. This is really important and the existence of typography is traced to be since the evolution of typing.

Web Typography

The recent concepts of typography also includes websites. Although, the role of images on a website is considered to be very important, most of the content on the website is produced in the form of text which is the major reason why typography has been given much importance lately.

In the process of developing a web page, considering typography elements is as much important as any other factor which includes the selection of the right colors, visual hierarchy, functionality and many other features. In order to create a successful website, you cannot ignore effective typography.

There is a major difference between print typography and web typography. Although, some similarities between the two might exist, but the process of web designing is completely different. However, the important thing is that both approaches to typography hold some rules and regulations which are required to abide by all.


If you are an experienced Designer then you will be well aware of  the hierarchy of the process. Same is thee case with typography. The most important thing in the hierarchy is to read the displayed text clearly.

This practice is important since; you want the right content on your website along with making the readers interpret the right meaning of it. Moreover, it also gives a new dimension to your website and does not render it as an old and outdated one.

Spacing Related Matters

Although there are very few websites that are having hierarchy issues, but, there are plenty of them which are confronted with spacing issues. It is important that the space between all the elements present on the website have a logical meaning and the typography work should be done with well spacing factors. It is essential that you understand some technical terms like Kerning, Leading Size as well as Tracking.

Kerning can be referred to as the procedure in which the space between the characters is adjusted with the aim to provide the text a more visual look. Leading Size is the utility tool through which the white space between the text rows is adjusted as per the requirement of the layout.

On the other hand, the Tracking tool has the function similar to the Kerning effect however; one basic difference between the two is that the generation of space between characteristics and the entire text.

Tracking has been designed to generate an equal amount of space between every character whereas; Kerning has features to make adjustments within the space that have a basis of character pairs.

Colors and Their Palette

The color of typography does not necessarily means that it is the color of your text and which is normally comprised of a single color; rather it means all the colors that are being used on the website.

All the colors that have been inserted on the website will be visible on the background for the text, because of which it is very important to make intelligent use of colors on your website. The colors used in typography should be in compliance with the color of the text and must not portray a different story at all.

There are web designers who also like working with large size typography which are also known as macro typography in order to have better text results. Such an act is normally adopted when the purpose of the text is to grab the attention of the visitor towards any particular aspect. However, in macro typography, it is very important to make it as concise as possible so as to avoid any type of errors.

Pairing Of the Font

This process includes the combination of two or more typefaces having an aim to develop an appealing visual combination. Although, this might be a bit interesting for some, but, those who are amateurs in the industry may find this job difficult to handle.

Selecting a single font type is an easy task but, if you are willing to combine two font types so as to make a nice pairing, it is important to consider the factor of font flattening which is a major hindrance in the pairing process. A simple approach can be to use one font for the headings and sub headings and the other for the content within it.

Contrast of the Weights or Sizes

Always try to make the font on your website differentiable. If you want to attempt a decent typography [practice, it is important to work on font pairing aspects. Moreover, even if you are working on font pairing but, the right weight or size is not present, it might ruin the entire appearance and will render your context as unreadable by the viewer. Determine that the font is not lost in the background and provides a clear readable condition to all.

Methods of Font Replacement

New technologies and advancements are taking the place of traditional aspects and presently HTML5 has prepared to overcome flash in addition to many other tools that enables you to replace the font without much hassle. Below mentioned are some fonts replacing methods along with a very brief description.

•    @font-face: It helps in eliminating the dealing with jQuery and JavaScript codes and has a basis on CSS.

•    Google fonts: This tool has the advantage of the reputation its parent company holds along with having almost 500 font types in its collection.

•    Typekit: Another popular service of Typekit can be used for font replacing activities as it has thousands of fonts that can look immensely pretty and appealing on your website.


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