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PSD/HTML Conversion: Code a clean website design

This tutorial engages web designers into converting a PDS web template reconstructing it professionally into HTML/CSS which functions in a similar way. The designer may want to project questions in anticipation for clarification. These may include how can this process be activated and completed with dexterity? Do not become too anxious. It is very simple. These lessons were organized so that persons with the least possible knowledge in the art can follow simple directions and complete procedures with great success.
True! This sequels a previous article on the same subject. Precisely, this tutorial completes the process. Here the focus will, however, be on converting and coding the PDS mock-up created in the previous lesson. Importantly, the designer will be offered instructions on converting the PDS, specifically.
It must be recalled that the clean business web site deals with two essential elements in Web design technology. They are how to design a clean business web site with Photoshop and PDS/HTML conversion: Code a clean Business website.

Final result:  Live Demo

Your client should have the opportunity of exploring the way a live HTML operates. They should be able demonstrate.  So you need to take note of the various displays and how they are organized. Pay special attention to the business oriented graphics and illustrations with the clean messages being inscribed in the content.
This task is to be completed with professional interactive techniques or expertise. Examine the layout features.

Before Starting

Planning is very important to the successful outcome of any venture. Therefore, it is the first step in this procedure. Make sure that the Photoshop files from the previous lesson are being used in this design. In case this was not created, then it is advisable that it be done is before embarking with this part of the procedure.

Creating the file structure

Start by creating a new empty folder on the desktop called template or any preferred name. Next it would be necessary also to build another folder inside that one which will be named images since it would contain all the images needed to produce the design.
This interesting step is where the design really takes shape. Now make three separate files. Name them index.html, style.css and reset.css. It is in the index .html where all information concerning the HTML template will be written. The CSS files will be an added advantage since those will give that stylish CSS coding.

Setting up the reset.css

Here the reset style sheet, exactly, is what is being employed. The main reason for conducting this process is that browser types have inconsistencies in the way their react to HTML elements. As such, for safety it is always better to utilize a reset style sheet which ultimately reduces the impact of all irregularities which may arise during the process.
Conclusively, in the interest of time a more detailed description of the entire process beyond this point will be done in another tutorial. So keep reading and be on the look out.

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