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Reach for your readers

Readers, we need readers. The tree is falling can you hear it?
All people who are talkers need an audience. If we talk on paper on the webs, we need eyes and readers. To get established sometimes takes a little time, unless we have help given to us. The readership needs to grow steadily, and as it grows it will pick up momentum. It is usually the first 100 visitors who are the slowest to collect. Once it reaches that stage it will grow on its own as long as you keep up the good serving of reading material required. On an average, you might be able to write 10 articles a day, and as you are going to be spreading yourself around and reading others articles at the same time you can probably cut that in half. You need a great deal of time to do it justice so any help you can get along the way will be welcome I am sure.
There are a few plug-ins which can help you.

My first suggestion is FAQ builder

This will answer a lot of questions that most people would normally address directly to you, and you would then have to do a follow up answer. This will save you time and also stop you having to repeat the same answer in a main page. People like interaction but at the same time with a FAQ the answers will be around when you might be asleep.
Yes we do have to sleep sometimes.

Next idea is to install a Google Chat Badge

Yes I know Google again. It’s a fact of life we can’t get away from it.
What the Google chat badge does is allow you to talk directly to your visitors in your website. It puts a chat room in there for you both to use. It’s a simple matter to create the code when you are logged into your Google account.

Something to look at is Click to Call

I am ambivalent about this one. It’s a plug-in you can put on your website to allow people to phone you. That’s fine and dandy but I don’t know about you, but I do like my bed, and I don’t fancy a call at 3 am. With the world being such a small internet space nowadays when I am asleep half the world is wide a wake and not worried that it might be sleep time somewhere else.
That being said it is very good technology and being able to talk direct is great. I think there must be something that turns it off before you go to sleep, or maybe you can set a clock. MM must look at it closer. It only works on US and UK numbers right now.

Support tickets are a must

This plug-in allows you to create support tickets to which you can then reply when you are back on line or when you have time.

Last but by no means least, is a To Lead CRM

This plug-in from WordPress converts your contact form into your area of management for your Sales Force.com web section. Salesforce.com is a separate site completely and requires a monthly subscription to join for you and your team dependent on the size of your team.


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