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Ready Steady Go

Once you have uploaded your website and got ready to launch, there are a few things you still need to do before it’s ready to go public. You thought you had completed it all and were ready to go live but its time for you to tie up those loose ends you didn’t know were around. The need for these items is paramount as if you don’t have them organized you will never be found. You need two extra files. You need to have a robots.txt file, and you also need a sitemap.xml file. There are further three that you will require as well.

There are various URL’s within your site and they all need to be listed and linked within your site for the spiders from Google and Yahoo as well as other listing sites to map the site to get all the information. WordPress has a plug-in available called GoogleXML sitemap. This works well and will do the work for you if you use WordPress.

Websites that are not using WordPress need to generate their own sitemap and there is a site that helps with this, the XML sitemap.

The second file you need is your Robots.txt file. It is a text file which tells robots or bots from the search engines what parts of your website should be visited. By using a template and just change it for your needs.

You don’t need or even want the bots searching the back end files that make up how your WordPress works so this needs to be excluded. However, you do want them checking the contents of your blogs. Make sure no duplicate content is picked up.  You need to allow your wp content, but you really need to exclude the rest. You don’t want the archives and out of date stuff that has already been searched and is already up to come up the next time the bots come round.

The next thing you need to set up is an analytical program.  Something like Google analytics is a good thing to use. There are other programs that give you more info, but they will cost a monthly fee.  Google has various guides to help you set it up and also many other tools for you to use. One of these is the Google Webmast tools. This tells you a whole lot more about your websites. You can find any broken links; monitor your website’s rankings.

There is a plug-in for Firefox that will show you rankings. This is a good way of checking.

You need to do a website submission to Dmoz. All you need to find the area that your site is best suited to and enter the link. Google likes this site and gives you extra points. Only do one submission, even if it takes time to appear.

Google Alerts is something you need to set up. Set up with keywords you want to watch so you notice your website when in comes up. It’s a good idea to monitor your websites up time by using a program called Uptime Robot.

Aside from making your website as fast as possible that about rounds it up. You should be ready to launch.

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