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Remarkable Designers that inspire community

I have a printing heritage of little less than a decade. Precisely, the past 4-5 yrs have been most remarkable in my career. My quiet mentors have been these stalwarts in the industry, which I will introduce to you shortly. They have made phenomenal impacts in the industry and their work speak volumes for the science.

Their literature can be found on the websites. Often I referenced their expertise in my designs being professionals of the arts. Besides, I have researched them thoroughly to discern their worthiness in the web designing industry.

Jason Santa Maria

Jason Santa Maria, graphic designer residing in NY, sunny Brooklyn and serving in the capacity of the creative director of ‘Happy Cog Studios’ in Philadelphia and New York, respectively. His office affords him distinguishable privileges comparable to a celebrity status.

Cameron Mull

This is a renowned industrial designer of new media material. Cameron Moll’s skills; expertise and achievements are insurmountable, presently. He specializes in the clean markup, functional web and warned of print design. Cameron’s strategic interventions can be recognized on many websites as examples of his fine craftsmanship.

Precisely, he has taken his career much further by being co author of the ‘CSS Mastery.’ He is a much respected designer whose work has attracted the attention of many influential organizations in the society. These include Communication Arts, National Public Radio (NPR) and Veer. He can be contacted through his wide site where more information on his business can be ascertained.

Jeffery Zeldman

Jeffrey Zeldman can be considered among the fathers of designers. This included his blogging and independent web publishing careers. He has been the inventor of many concepts now being utilized in the industry such as the ‘Web Standards Project’. This has brought to the science standardization of browsers on the internet. He is also a published author and has provided many instructional materials for new web users to facilitate their learning experience on the internet as web designers.

Dan Cederholm

He is a renowned Web designer writer residing in Massachusetts, Salem and the founder-director of LLC, SimpleBits and designing studio. Dan is a genius of basic rules in web designing having been recruited for Google, MTV, Blogger, ESPN, Fast Company, AIGA, and Inc.com. He has been very successful in his career pursuits.

This computer expert is the co-creator of Cork’d a social networking and applications magazine for lovers of wine. He also launched IconShoppe and SimpleBits which is the author of two best selling books; also Bulletproof Web Design (New Riders, 2005) and Web Standards Solutions (Friends of ED, 2004). Dan operates a well known weblog SimpleBits, where he publishes technological content reviews.

Daniel Mall

He is an integrationist when it comes to the designing culture as he resides in downtown Philadelphia, PA. Further he expressed that designing is not just drawing, but much more than that. For him, it involves applying precise measures to conceptual frameworks and visual enhancements for resolution in the science. As a professional, he is passionate about evolving ideologies, resolving theories and basically exploring the unknown. He is a specialist in Flash, CSS, XHTML and typography.

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