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Setting up an online magazine

More and more blogger are opting for a magazine styled theme page nowadays. The layout is attractive and far more appealing to visitors than the normal long list of articles one after the other. To be honest I find nothing more off putting than to see a stretch of mile long articles one after each other when you have no idea of what you might find there. This to me is the height of laziness in a website or blog layout.

Just imagine what you would feel like if a paper magazine came in the form of a rolled up sheet of paper that stretched for about 100 pages. Most print magazines have in the region of a hundred pages, and because they do what is called layout usually using something like in design they have. This they divide into their “menu” their about page, which usually tells you about the magazine, etc. and then the articles with photos and adverts.

An online Magazine will or should probably adhere to these time honored principals.  Your choices are broader on the internet as your page can run a little longer than with print should have a longer article than would normally fit on a page, but you shouldn’t abuse the privilege and run on forever. The simple fact is that people only absorb a certain amount at a time, and if you run on forever you will bore them. A bored person will leave your site and maybe never return.

Try using the principal of a small thumbnail picture with an excerpt of the articles of main interest on the main page with a continue ….. to lead them to the main article. The picture is there to capture attention and then the highlights of the article which will also give you good SEO on the main page.

This leads you into the nitty gritty of the website with linking articles and archived articles referred to at the bottom or linked into the content.

Organization of your site is of prime import with this kind of theme, and you will find it is both more fun and has a better response than a long never ending page.

Some of the websites that use this kind of theme are listed below.

Gridline uses this but using the most recent post with others listed below in the form of a snippet of the info.

The reason that this has become the flavor of the year is because it is far more effective. It’s neat, it’s clean, it doesn’t overwhelm. While it might take a little while to get into the hang of making an effective layout with pages for the articles which are documented with photos and the like in the end you will have a far more interesting website which people will return to again and again.

More and more magazine style themes are being released and there are many free ones out there. The main thing about them is the ease with which a new post can be added and the ease with which you can switch things around to enable you to make content the king of your blog or website. This makes it so much easier to combine the blog and website into one without anyone really feeling the whole thing has completely changed and gone foreign for them.

This also gives you the opportunity to make the site more of a combined effort by having more than one writer and more than one subject. It can truly become a magazine which covers a multitude of subjects.

I am pretty certain you will start seeing the advantages of this type of theme fairly soon if you change over. You will find more people coming for more items as they get classified by the search engines and search engines will be far happier with all the new kinds of information available. Make sure you use a good SEO plug-in to cover all the aspects.

You will find that the navigation and the use of good titles becomes of paramount importance. It is not good calling it something article 1529 you need to give it a descriptive name that will enable the search the site application to find it with ease.


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