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Seven Alarming Issues with Beginner Clients


If you’re a web designer then I’m sure you’ve encountered the difficulty when it comes to working with clients. You could be involved in while whether you’re working s a freelancer or as an agency.

Most clients will literally make you applaud for the work they provide while others are just time wasters, and they seriously make you wonder about your future as a web developer. No communication is often a common problem but there is more that happens.

Following are few ways that can help you tell apart a good contributor from a time waster.

1. Price Argument

These clients will not work at the price you offer; rather than simply rejecting they will get into an argument with you, over it. Don’t raise your bid on their baseless expectations! An upfront payment is often asked for too; once again, stay away from them. They’ll probably fool you.

2. Procrastinators

A sure thing amongst the most avoided clientele is a sign that they take their work very easy. They fail to realize the intensity of hard work required while producing a web page; they leave it for the 11th hour when the best they can produce is the worst of their creations. They understand everything very well, what they lack is the “care” trait.

3. A ‘Sucking’ Website

If a client flaunts his own website to you, so that you can hire him/her for your project, be sure to check it out. The disastrous of clients have a website prepared, which is horrible. You’ll end up saying no to the client. However, if you’ve accepted their bid then may God bless you.

Be sure to also, check out, how the client has had been with his former employers. If he has been giving a hard time, then be prepared for the same. Unless, you choose otherwise and simply appoint somebody else.

4. Personal Attacks from the Web Designer

If you hire the person who created the page for you then you will definitely have a hard time. He’ll take all revisions critically and put forth his suggestions and opinions when it is least wanted. Even if you reject their point of views you might still feel the latter being done in their work.

5. Communication Problem

Often, you’ll find the most social of people backfiring on you. To prevent this from happening, go through several stages of communication and find out what the client is really keen on. Use the phone, email, and if possible, talk in person; this will help you analyze what the person is capable of. If you get to hear, “let’s take a good look at this, and then I might be able to tell”; simply, back off from him.

6. Regular Meetings

These clients are unsure of what they’re doing or will probably fear being cheated, which is why they’ll come around asking to get together on Skype or possibly in person. Whichever it may be, you do realize that means time wasting; you end up investing all your time in this client and get around doing nothing for your page.

7. Long Term Relationship

Beware of clients that are looking for a long term commitment. This comes from those who fail to make an impression with their former boss’ or doesn’t trust you. So if you come across those who’re nagging about how they want to work for a long time with you, try putting him away. It should be clear that when an assignment works great then the collaboration for a long term can be expected, not otherwise.

Most of these attributes are likely to be present in an uneducated client so it falls on you as a duty to educate them. If you don’t, they’ll end up wasting your time, which probably you want the least.


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