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Shady Lanes of Google Ranks Pursuits

Website rankings in Google with the number of websites competing for the particular terms can be a cut throat game. When you consider that there can be anything up to 10000 or more websites all after the same keywords it can be a daunting task to get to the top for any particular one word. With all the millions of websites online you can be pushed to find ways to get back links especially if you have a new website online.

It’s a well substantiated fact that the hot eye goes not to the paid ads either on the top of the page or on the side but to the search engine fed top URL for the search term you used. Whether it got there by good means or foul can be undetermined as back linking seems to be the main means that Google uses in their algorithm. The higher the ranking of the site back linking to you the more points you get.

This, in my view, can lead to some distortion as a site that has been online for a long time will collect more back links than a totally up to date, on the topic site, that has only just launched.  It takes time and a lot of hard work, which cannot be done over night to collect back links. I personally think that Google is using other sites to do their work, and it can be totally distorted. Content should really be king not back links.   If you take, for example, a website that is maybe 5 years old and was last updated about 3 years ago, but because it is an .edu site it gets links to the information, even if it is out of date. However, because the new site has up to date information but not many links its likely to be ignored or never found. It seems to me, there is something wrong with this scenario.

Ways of getting links can be murky. Google gives preference to one way back links and really the only way of getting out there with your information is to write articles and to write comments on blogs and hope the owner of the blog will check you out and link to you. I have noticed recently that a type of blog farm has been developing where certain sites, which all join one paid site, will have their one way link inserted to point at a new site. Dependent on what your “join” fee is per month the number of links is allocated. How legal this is in Google terms, I am not sure, but I did think it was a rather shady practice.

Using Google Maps is one legal way to get a one way link as is YouTube. Article writing is legal and doing a write on yourself and what you do in “Linked in” is legal. If you are a well known person or have a high profile you can do a Wikipedia link, but it probably isn’t for everyone and much be backed up with other “on the web” information. Your Facebook profile won’t do much good, unless you want the world’s spam to come down on your head because your settings are too open. They insist on you having your email in there so it will heap down on you. I know that everyone and their grandmother are on Facebook and probably on Twitter too. Of course you cannot leave either out.

Other than comments on various blogs and Tweeting there isn’t a whole lot more you can do, hire a SEO expert at rather a high expense.

Good luck for getting to the top ranking.

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