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Six Common Myths of Blogging

The subject of blogging is one that gets a lot of interest – especially by the bloggers themselves. Consequently, it is easy for certain ideas to become institutionalized in thinking about the state of the blogging industry. However, some of these ideas require a little more scrutiny.

To blog you have to be a great writer

This isn’t entirely true. Being a great writer is certainly useful, but the more a person blogs the more their writing will improve. It isn’t to suggest that poor writers should think that blogging is easy.

On the contrary, improving writing skills is an important and useful side effect of maintaining a blog. There are plenty of ways to get feedback, including asking friends or even hiring someone to edit your posts.

You must post every day

It seems that often new bloggers feel that prolific writing is an important part of keeping readers. This is likely true if the blog is covering a fast paced news cycle – it becomes a matter of maintaining relevance. However, for most blogs three or four quality posts per week is enough to keep readers returning, and keep eyeballs on revenue generating adverts.

Blogging is dead

This is a popular mode of thinking which is based on the notion that people aren’t reading blogs any longer, when compared to their heyday. However, while people aren’t reading blogs out of the curiosity of what a blog is, they will always return to good content. A well prepared and well presented blog will interest readers and keep them coming back.

Blogging is Easy Money

As with any form of writing or artistry, getting a blog to make money and to keep it doing so is hard work. It doesn’t come easy. To establish any sort of excellence, putting in the time and effort is the only way to build something lasting. A blog is no different, and requires a good basis for writing and a lot of persistence. Keeping a blog is hard work, and a successful blog is the pay off for that hard work.

Blogging isn’t financially viable

While making a fortune at blogging might require a lot of hard work, it does remain possible to get a quality blog to pay for itself. As with the start of any enterprise, the pay out is not going to happen in the initial start up time. This often leads many new bloggers to think it isn’t possible. However, like any business, with good market research and some initial investment, blogging can pay returns.

Page views means success

While it is true that for a lot of blog monetization the more views means more revenue, page views is not the only measure of success. With the sophisticated level of analytics available, bloggers can live and die by their traffic numbers – but often this isn’t actually the case. Many bloggers are able to turn relatively low traffic blogs into a reasonable income.

Large spikes in traffic are great for getting regular visitors to your blog, but it is that organic base of people who keep coming back that will provide a sustainable revenue stream – so it is really important that those people are satisfied.

Blogging may have had it’s peak a few years ago, but the blogs that remain are still gathering a lot of attention. This is a maturing medium, so it is important for any aspiring blogger to ensure they have a good market to serve, a clear voice and something interesting and unique to say.



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  1. Grace

    Awesome advice! I’m considering starting a blog of my own and it’s so reassuring to have someone dispel all those pesky, negative myths that have had me second guessing myself. Thanks!


  2. Mark

    Great article, A well designed and thought out site is the number one key to success. A blog is great, but if the site is junk then you are wasting your time. I totally agree with you.

  3. Tina

    excellent information

  4. rozi butt

    life is very short and dreams are very high every one try to fulfill his wants butt it’s not possible . because human wants are unlimited

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