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Some Free Joomla templates

What can be better than “free”? Despite its appeal, not many things are free in this world and those that are often come with less than stellar quality routinely attached. However, free and fully fantastic go hand-in-hand with the Joomla templates we’ve chosen for this post.

First, a few notes on Joomla. This mammoth content management system has been around since 2005. At its launch, it hit the ground running with no less than 2.5 million downloads in its first year. It hasn’t seemed to look back since.

It’s broadly popular appeal is rooted in its easy-to-use design. This is why it’s enjoyed by novice beginners as well as expert developers alike. It’s also extremely flexible, allowing templates to step in and cut your work in half, big-time.

We’ve collected several of the best free Joomla templates here for your viewing pleasure, so that it’s quick and easy for you to find your desired inspiration.

FREE Joomla Template Showcase


A great way to kick off the conversation, Optimus is straight-to-the point and versatile. Any site could benefit from its powerfully unassuming style and charm. We especially, love the typographic variety that works well with its easy navigation and well-organized layout, overall, a great template for any occasion.


Chunky blocks and simplified color combinations make this an excellent template for professional portfolios or corporations. It has all the right elements and a practical look and feel that leaves a favorable first impression. The site search feature is an extra nice touch.


Here’s an excellent choice for social news or magazine sites in need of an air of sophistication. A nice broad grid is the perfect size for extensive information, and the smooth and clear layout keeps everything neat and ordered. Great versatility here allows for polls and easy syndication. Very nice!


Looking for a great template to use for your portfolio? You’ve found it. If you’re just starting out, this template is perfect for you because, yes, you guessed it. It’s free!

Jakarta Times

This template does not disappoint. Great for magazines, news editorials or a simple blog, it won’t take forever to load. That said, it’s able to hold a surprising amount of information. This is definitely a great find.


The versatility is only getting started here with a mix of module positions and a variety of preset color options to stimulate the visual senses. Add to that a variety of typography styles and classes easily entered into your editor, and you’ve got a powerfully adaptable template on your hands.

Back to Nature

The Back-to Nature 3-column template presents a way to combine an online community with an information packed news site. The nature theme looks great and is carried effortlessly throughout. Meaningful choices in typography complete this free and easy template.


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