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Some of the available Content Management Systems

I am going to look at some of the lesser known CMS’s as apposed to the ones that always get talked about. There are several available that seldom get mentioned but also have their merits and could be just what you are looking for.

The first one is made of concrete. Concrete5 is an extremely easy to use system which, you can edit while it is on line merely by going into edit mode.

This has a built in admin panel which requires no additional plug-into acquire all the stats you could possibly need. This CMS is very solid and very simple to use even for a total beginner. It is well named as Concrete.

The second that I looked at is RadiantCMS. This is a team work application. When there are several people who are building a site together this is an ideal application to use. It is simple and easy to use, and yet it is robust. It requires no real major ability to both create and edit the main content of your website other than a good eye for design and layout.

The next one is the CushyCMS, which is hosted on their server. The free option has limited applications and adverts. To get all the applications the cost is $28 per month. It is a very simple to use application but as far as I could understand, it has Google ads on the pages. The paid version mentions removal of the ads in the Admin Interface, but I wasn’t able to verify that these would not appear on your pages. To me I would not want adverts from Google to appear on any page I hosted as they have a tendency to put ads on that is your opposition. The CMS itself is very easy to manage.

Overture has created a CMS called Symphony. There is a large quantity of tutorials available in the Overture centre which will tell you how to work it. These are necessary as it is not an easy system. If you are a beginner and have no coding knowledge I would steer clear of this one. It is for the more advanced and designers will probably love it.

MODx is a PHP based application, which is heavily XHTML. Strict web compliance standards are a must.  It should be fairly simple for someone who is not experienced to understand and be able to be up and running quickly as it has an interface installer to help you. Navigation on this program should be simple.

Based on PHP the next platform is called Silverstripe. This is once again an open source application, which has a large scope for extension and adjustment. There is a complete demo on the website as to how this system works.

An application that is built using the basis of Ruby on Rails is the last one we are looking at. This is called Railfrog.  There is a good section of tutorials to help you both install and find help and although not one of the more popular ones you can see how far it can take you when you learn Twitter was built on this kind of application.

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