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Some of the Best Web Tools for Web Designers

As a web designer I need a lot of tools to accomplish my work. I suppose the same thing happens with you, isn’t it? Of course all of us know that there are a lot of free tools available but when you are in the middle of your creation you find in the position you don’t know what tool it is the most appropriated for your work. Then you have to stop and to start looking for it. That’s why I have thought that I can help my fellow designers if I make a brief list with some of the best web tools.

One of the most important color theme applications is Kuler, made by Adobe.

It is great for sharing or creating color themes. With Kuler, you have the possibility to choose between using the already listed color themes or to create a web tool to create personalized color themes.

An important image editor with an interface similar to Photoshop is Pixlr.

Like Photoshop, Pxlr has options like filters, Clone Stamp tool or layers. If you want more web tools for image-editing you can find them on the list of image editors for web design.

If you are looking for an easy web tool with an intuitive and simple interface and possibilities to bookmark the generated color themes then Color Scheme Generator is what you want.

For editing, sharing and creating fonts, Font Shop developed by FontStruct is a perfect choice.

For those who want to make a beautiful type FontStruct tool is all they need. It is easy to use, and, more on, it has an innovative font editor. If you want to access this tool you have to sign up to get your user account.

When it is about typography, Typetester is the application you need.

It is of great help when you have to compare, to twist and to test the screen typography. Typetester has a multitude of typefaces, including Arial and Verdana, which are web-safe fonts. However, what is great about this application is that you will be able to use your own fonts.

Another important application related to typography is TypeNavigator.

It is a very smart web tool being able to recognize typefaces. It is a very useful tool because the moment you see a font you want to apply on your designs TypeNavigator can hunt down that font.

Dummy Text Generator is a very complex and useful application for creating dummy text.

It is also very helpful for those who need to print layouts.

For generating tiled patterns one of the best web tools is BGPatterns.

It is a robust tool with an intuitive user interface. It offers you the possibility to resize, tweak and edit a large variety of patterns.

Dabbleboard is a drawing tool. It is very convenient and it is designer friendly.

With this application, a designer can create design user interfaces and web layouts, or he can draw freehand with any other designers.

A great tool for the quick-and-dirty web mockups lay outs is Templatr.

This application has a very easy user interface, and it is very useful when you have to create web page templates.


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