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Some striking Single Page Websites

So you are thinking of designing a website?  Are you looking for something short and simple, but effective at the same time? Then the perfect choice for you will be non-other than single page websites. Single page design is a simple and authentic way to make a website truly stand out.  If you’re working with a relatively low amount of content and just a few pages, then the single-page format could be your best bet for a good-looking, simple site that’s still fully functional and engaging.
Here are a few issues to address with this design.  First on deck is navigation.  Without ease of movement around the site, user satisfaction tends to wane – a predicament can be solved with the use of sticky headers or repeat navigation.  Another issue is content.  It’s best to limit this one, to avoid slow loading.  Here, it’s a good idea to couple Java Script and Flash with HTML and CSS to increase content and keeps load time quick. 
Remember, it’s not necessary to compromise style and a look that pleases the eye to nail this design.  A one page website pops and dazzles just as effectively as its more complex cousins. If you’re not fully convinced, check out a few stellar examples below.  Each, in its own way, showcases the great-looking benefits and perks of the single-page design.

Duplos by Ricardo Mestre

Most single page websites are portfolios and are very commonly used by web designers. Duplos is one of them. This awesome single page site is by web designer Ricardo Mestre. This site uses an unusual method of scrolling up as opposed to the traditional scrolling down for content. The most important information such as contact details are at the bottom of the page and his projects at the top. An illustrated version of the designer is incorporated into the page.

Jason Reed

Jason Reed, not the American actor on HBOs ‘Tenacious D’, but the web designer uses contrasting colors to distinguish the site.  A caricature of him (he is quite a looker) adds a nice touch. Content is minimal so the accordion effect is utilized to display the sections and to keep scrolling at a minimum.

Victor Shvaiko

This page uses a sticky header to keep the navigation always at the top. New content is loaded by horizontal scrolling, which even though might not be the easiest to do is pretty unique! The use of his works of art on the home page is a quick and easy way to introduce his art.

Mia Makila

The classical 3-column design is used on this site, making it stand out from the other websites. The centre column features the different groups of artwork which is the main content. Artwork is displayed using good old JavaScript.

Javan Makmali


This single page website uses the not oft-used type of grid design. However, the information is still clear, easy to follow and well-organized. The liberal use of whitespace also allows a lot of content to be included but still keeping it fairly user-friendly.
So next time when you are thinking of something short and simple try your hands on single page websites.


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