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Sometimes we need to step away from the Computer

I know from experience that too much computer isn’t good for you. You can burn yourself out. You need to be able to balance your life to be able to give your best work. It sounds a little strange to say that being away from the computer can improve your design and inspiration on the computer, but it is true.

When you actually think about it what you are actually allowing is that real life is penetrating into your world of design and giving you glimpses of new ideas which with your design mind you absorb unconsciously, and they then reappear as something you can implement in your website either now or later.

Being single minded is not good for design. You need to see, absorb and comprehend that world around you.  By sticking to doing computer work and little else your mind gets narrow and myopic. You fail to see advances, even if you do read the latest on topics. Seeing the actual implementation of the topic gives you far more insight into innovations you can put into place.

It is very important to balance your design life with your normal daily life in good proportions.  This can give you the touch of greatness once in a while.

You can think out side of the cookie cutter box. People who think out of the box are the ones that can come up with that incredible website now and again.  It’s seldom possible to do it every time but once in a while we will be truly inspired. When that happens it is worth the wait.

I personally have a website that has been percolating for a while and every now and again a new puzzle piece drops into place. I am not rushing it and won’t, it is just slowly unfolding. I also know it will probably be the greatest website I have ever built. It is a little weird in feeling this way as I am slowly putting it together and doing it without the normal haste. As it is my own website time does not really matter. It’s merely a case of a few extra months hosting fees. Something about this website just feels so incredibly right, and I think if you are a web designer you will understand what I mean. It’s a growing force.

The one thing about it is, I step away from it and leave it for a whiles and when I come back to it, the thing that I was a little in a muddle about or didn’t feel quite right just suddenly drops into place. The time away has done its work. This shows that outside forces have done their work. That time spent absorbing things around me in a different environment have sorted things or given inspiration.

There is nothing anywhere on the web like this. It is far from a cookie cut website. I have had to be totally innovative as far as it was concerned and there are still a few things that I will have to figure on how to implement as I haven’t ever seen them done but know what I want. I am hoping when I get the latest Photoshop some of my problems might be solved, but in the meantime I am looking at every little inch and implementing item by item.


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