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Stand out in the crowd

Blogs, these days, are two a penny. A few years ago they were a novelty but today it seems everyone has one.  That said it’s not to say your blog can’t be different. You can be one to stand out in the crowd of the rest. Making yourself unique isn’t that hard. It takes a big of ingenuity and a little web knowhow and you will be different, noticeable and intriguing.

All it really takes is attention to detail and imagination.

Let’s look at a few things you can do.

Is your site easily readable?

Remember some peoples site is not as good as others so make the text stand out clearly and have a good space around it.
Add a few buttons in strategic places that are easily found and are of use to your visitors.

Does your site open quickly?

This cannot be emphasized enough. If your website takes longer than 20 to 30 seconds to load you have lost at least half of your potential visitors. People have a small attention span. If it takes too long, they will click on the next thing to attract their attention.
Time of loading can be speeded up by making sure that the loading time for your graphics and your CSS pages is optimized for speed. Make sure you use essential speed enhancing items like WP Cache. All this does make a difference. There are several sites on the internet which will help you optimize your graphics and your CSS pages. Some without even making you reload them but can be done by giving them the URL.

Your About, Contact and Index pages

These are three pages on your website that actually need to be static and you should make sure they are and also that they have adequate links both top and bottom of all your pages. But that being said, when last did you check them and bring them up to date? Add a new Photo? Or just enhance them a little. As the info is static it doesn’t change like the rest so an occasion update by you is a good idea.

Are you linked to your social media?

If you haven’t linked to your social media yet now is a good time to do it. There are various ways of doing it and my advice is: Do it so as not to annoy and overshadow the writing on the website. There are several widgets and plug-ins available to install. One of them is very annoying.  It tends to travel with the scroll down bar over shadowing all the text so you cant read it easily. If you have a long list of icons you can never read the text on the left. Rather choose another way.

Ask your public

It’s a good idea to get your visitors involved with what they would like to see.
Maybe if you have some web ability that you can offer as a prize it might be a way of getting them involved and then implementing that idea.  People like to participate and with a prize on offer you will get more ideas coming in. It’s also a way to get more visitors. People always like free competitions.

Think about it.


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