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Standing out in the crowd

What criteria do people use to decide to use you as their designer? What is it about you that makes you stand out in the crowd? How does X mark your spot so that you are the one that gets chosen above all the others? Take a look at yourself from a reverse direction.  Go online and choose a designer you would use for a project your own and see what makes you choose a particular designer. I know as a designer my criteria are probably even stricter than the general public.

Self promotion means being the very best you can be. Your own website should be the very best work you can produce. You need to cross every T and dot every, I. This is one of the things people judge you by. Have you made it simple and easy to navigate? Have you used a favicon? Have you made use of the header and footer? What make it stand out to hit a potential client in the eye? Is it simple, clear and unambiguous?

Too often designers try to be over the top on their own website. This actually does you a disservice as people look at this site and think I don’t want this it is overkill.  Always remember your website is your showcase to the world.

When I was recently looking for a designer to do something for me, I went on to one of my favourite work sites and scrolled through the three hundred or so designers who had put their info in as available to do work.  The first thing I looked at was their profile. Do you know how many of them had failed to put up any kind of photo? Well, that was the first item that eliminated them. They might be the best designer in the world, but they can’t promote themselves so would they be able to promote my website?

I know many wouldn’t think like me, but it’s true. Self promotion is very important. I read through all 378 profiles. This can show a great deal. If there were spelling mistakes they got ditched. If they can’t check their own profiles, they won’t check my website. The next thing I did was go to their website. Do you know how many didn’t even link to their website? My list was getting a lot smaller. Their websites showed a lot about them. More than half hadn’t bothered with a favicon. When you consider that a favicon only requires a little item to brand them it seems they aren’t really capable of branding me are they? You see attention to detail is extremely important.

The last thing I looked at was their website. This is an indication of the type of detail, they will take to the work they will do for me as a client. I looked at the header and the footer and how they put the whole deal together. Was the navigation easy?  Was the contact page easy? Was the purchase page easy to navigate? All of these items were important.

By the time I had gone through all of these items, I was down to two people.
See how many people didn’t make it?


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