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Start up and how to get it going

Having a good idea and making a project that will give you an excellent product can be the basis of a new start-up company. These are eagerly sort by people looking to give start up cash to the next Google or Microsoft.

Some of these will make it and some will rise and then fade. The abilities to both start and sustain a start up project are really two different things.

The amount of tools and items suddenly coming to the fore are increasingly expanding. Many of these are coming from already well based companies but there is plenty of room available for the smaller company or private individual.

In fact, although it is the earlier years’ boom that bust, there is a mini boom going on right now.

It’s an application boom at the moment. These need to be items that are of extreme interest to the modern public which can range from application for things like your mobile device to new designs.

Design tools and items that can make a designer’s life easier are always an item that will be of interest.

Another item that is something that would be a possible start-up is something that can really come up with a real opposition to Google. I know many of you will think why bother. It’s simple. When you have a company that becomes a global superpower it is in danger of becoming a tyrant. If you just log into to Wikipedia and look at the last 13 years of Google and their rise to fame and the way.

It’s the nature of designers to create things and the chances are that if you are in a firm or a group of designers who have the talent on hand can actually make a go of something like this. It’s merely a case of coming up with the ideas. Most of these groups of designers have the capabilities, and if they have the time available it could be a good way to go.

Take a look at ideas you can come up with and new ways of implementing things. If you have a series of products or ideas and can implement them, you might need to find outside resources to help you get them off the ground.

More and more start-ups are heading into the social arena and the sooner you get into doing something and developing it the better.

Go with a search engine opposition. Oh I know about Bing and Yahoo but Google needs new opposition with a good fresh idea and a modern algorithm that doesn’t rely on the pal or link scene but good hard content.

Opposition to Facebook whose popularity seems to be based on games would be good, May be Gamesville lol. And last but by no means least add on programs for applications like mobile phones.

At the end of the day if you have the ideas lined up and organised into a coherent presentation the money for a start-up would be there. There are plenty of people prepared to take a risk if there is an opportunity of having a Twitter, a Facebook or a Google.


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