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Tactics for successful linkbaiting. Part 2.

Well in this part of the guide, we get the thougthts of experts from the best of the web, that focus on using networking as tactics for successful link baiting. 

Make buddies, network like mad. “Create your own network and work hard to help everyone in your network. When someone links to a post you have written or comments on your blog, they become part of your network. The idea is to take your network with you, to help them help you. There is no reason why everyone can’t be a winner.” [Linking Linkbait]

Networking is like the force in Star Wars. “The most overlooked strategy for gaining traffic. Don’t badger other bloggers for links, because it rarely works anymore. Find a way to help them with something, and then eventually work that initial graciousness into a business relationship and even friendship. There are real people behind these blogs, and they respond to good will just like people do offline.” [Copyblogger]

Guest blogging is always a winner. “Contributing content to someone else’s blog may seem crazy, but it’s a solid strategy to gain exposure for your own blog and build your subscriber base. Just make it very clear to the blog owner that you require a very brief byline at the end of the post, with a link back to your site. And make sure it’s original content, not something recycled off of your blog.” [10 Effective Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers]

Deal not no deal. “Find a blogger that publishes related, but non-competitive content. Work out a deal where you both promote each other in your RSS feeds, using Feedvertising. The smaller blog would promote the other blog continuously, while the larger blog would reserve one slot for the smaller blog, and use the other slots for other cross-promotion deals, affiliate links, or sponsor ads.” [Copyblogger]

Request links. “Write a truly personal letter, explain who you are, what your site is about, and why it’s relevant to blogger’s visitors.” [How To Request Links]

If someone links to you, link to them. “[If] someone links to your link bait, you link to them through third parties. Increasing the traffic and page rank of those that link to you will have a knock on effect of improving your own. If you are linked to regularly from the same site it will make sense to send them as much traffic as possible. [Linking Likbait]

Social media should be utilised. “The [..] examples caused their creators to gain links at a rapid rate because they leveraged the mediums out there such as Digg, Del.icio.us, Magnolia, BlinkList, and YouTube. You need to leverage these social mediums; it will increase your chances of success.” [Getting Links]

Hit them between the eyes! “Writing the headlines and initial descriptions to submit to the social sites, emailing bloggers and appearing in search results is a critical part of linkbait. Many readers will see your headline, and in the early phase it’s critical that they follow your link and help to spread your message.” [Leveraging Linkbaiting]

Audience participation is crucial. “A good link building strategy is to comment or participate in discussions or content on other websites in your industry. It’s not enough to have good articles/content. The world has to know about them. Make connections/relations with other jounalists/bloggers/entreprenours in your niche, comment their articles, and links will come by themselves, with time.” “Read and participate in conversations related to your niche of expertise on other blogs. Be careful about what you write though – double check your facts and always write relevant and informative comments, using the occasion to leave your link through your name in the header of the comments you’re posting.” [101 Web Marketing Ideas] [12 Suggestions]

Try to get people to quote you. “If there’s a particularly strong site in your sector that you desperately want a link from, this tactic can be of occassional use. The idea is to write a news article with some legitimacy and request a quote from the company/individual you want a link from. Once they know you’re writing about them, make sure to send them a copy of the press release or story once it hits and let them know they’re welcome to copy portions of the article for their own site if they’d like to reference it (with a link of course).” [5 Rare and Valuable Techniques]

Always comment. “Always respond to comments on your blog and when you detect a mention of your blog on another blog, thank that blogger in the comments of the post.” [25 Tips For Marketing Your Blog]

Always get a link! “Identify sites that already mention your site, but have failed to provide the direct HTML link. Write a pleasant, personal email to them and request the link – success rates can be very high. To find these willing linkers, you can use Yahoo!’s advanced search parameters, i.e. “seomoz” -linkdomain:seomoz.org. [5 Rare and Valuable Techniques]

Together with “Tactics for successful linkbaiting.  Part 1”, we feel you have a very good reference and advice guide for successfully running a linkbaiting campaign.  If used wisely, you should see the results fairly soon.

10 Responses to “Tactics for successful linkbaiting. Part 2.”
  1. Shenla

    The only reason why I do linkbaiting is because it can promote my website. Also, I get to gather friends.

    It’s fun to see a link of your site as one of the related sites or articles. If they like my site and have me on theirs’, it is just right that I do the same with their site.

  2. May

    I agree that we have to mention the sites who mentioned site as well. This will not only help you to show others how efficient your site is. This will also link your site to theirs for more relative information.

  3. Luis

    Why do we need to do linkbaiting? Can a website stand without it?

  4. Celly

    It is very essential to request some links. It will be very helpful in your website. Way to go to all these tactics.

  5. Sooner

    I like that thought Phey. In my perception, it is advisable that you do linkbaiting. Imagine, you’ll get a social networking out of this. Well, if your site is good. This is a good form of promoting your site.

  6. Luis

    Thank you so much for your answers. Now, I understand what to do with linkbaiting. I now appreciate the beauty of this article.

  7. Phey

    I’d like to agree with you Shenla. In this industry Luis, this is the best reason for you to do linkbaiting. However, it is still up to you. If you don’t want it, then don’t. It is the right of a designer to decide on that.

  8. Patrick

    I never thought that we have other ways on how to do successful linkbaiting. I will use this with my web page. I hope to get lots of good feedbacks.

  9. Shenla

    You welcome, Luis. We are happy that we are able to help you with this topic. Feel free to ask us, at anytime. Good luck!

  10. Arvin

    I never like to do linkbaiting before. I find it complicated. However, it is very easy for me now. Thank you for your tips in this article.

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