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Temper your designer training with outside experiences

I know I am very guilty of this. When I am involved with a project, whatever it is, I tend to concentrate on it to exclusion of all else. This really isn’t healthy in more ways than one.

When you tend to sit at the computer all day long you aren’t using your muscles the way you should, and you really need to time yourself to move around and do other things in between.

If you find you tend to do this you need to make yourself a roster. Allow time for exercise of some sorts, even if it is only walking to the cafeteria every hour or so. You also need fresh air in your lungs so you need to slot in time for a walk in the park or around the block.

Besides these health orientated items you also need to make your mind more agile with other events. I mean you need interests outside of your work and work related environments. Join a gym or learn to draw. You need to learn and simulate your mind in more directions than the task you should already know backwards.

Think of the thing you have been telling yourself I wish I could do that. Is it drawing a picture? Is it learning photography? Take the time or make the time to learn something new. You will be totally amazed at the way this opens up the mind in your work as well.

Personally, I like the idea of learning a new photographic skill and with all the available resources today and camera companies competing against each other for your buck you can usually find free training somewhere in your vicinity. Even if you have to pay for it, it really is an excellent designer’s tool to have in your toolkit in addition to the rest of your work.

You have two options for still photos. You have the point and shoot, or you have the DSLR. Now I have had a point and shoot for years, so I have opted for the DSLR with a couple of good lenses. After the first couple of lessons, I learnt that I really knew nothing about photography at all. I was back in kindergarten. Aside from that I was really enjoying myself and being a digital camera it didn’t matter too much if I made a booboo as it was quickly wiped clean.

Aside from the actual use of the camera with all the full stops and other items to learn I also had to learn a whole new gamut of programs to clean up and clear up mistakes and find accents in photos and learn to split splice and animate. This was another world to get involved in and my life had a fresh fun toy.

Another thing I found was people really wanted to talk photography. You are out taking a few photos and another amateur or a pro even will just stop to chat. Photography is an open door to making new acquaintances.

It’s time to open your mind and your body to something besides work.


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