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Testing Mobile websites

Nowadays, with the advent of smart phones we have websites just set up for them. It can take the form of a stripped down version of the main site but for these cell phone browsers we need to have a special way for them to see the current important aspects of the website. Once we have the website up, and it is ready to roll, we do need to test it before we make it public.

There are many phone types out there and we need to make sure that each type is compatible. This is a tiresome task for someone with only one phone which I am sure is most of us. Hence it is time to look for a few internet tools.

The first you can use is called iPhoney.

This is for testing for iPhone compatibility. It is free to use, but although it isn’t an iPhone itself, it makes sure the data, and images are compatible with an iPhone. It will allow you can check zoom, etc. in the Apple environment which is Safari. The download for this application is on their website so you can always have it on hand.

W3C standards can be checked on their mobile section by inserting the url into the address area, or you can use an upload or a text file to validate the code.

Standard are the world of today and tomorrow so this is important to verify.

iPad peek is where you can test for iPad compatibility.

This might need an update when the new iPad comes out in February but for the currant bunch of iPads it works like a charm.

The next is an add-on module to Firefox. It’s called Modify Headers.

What this does is allow you to spoof mobiles. It is in accordance with W3C standards, and you really need to check how much this can do for you.

Adobe has included their section on mobiles on their website, and it covers all of the adobe formats. All of their products can be tested in the “Smart Testing Environment.” Right down to videos and items like swf files.

Google of course have a place for testing. Here you enter the URL and it checks it for you.

You can choose to hide images or not dependent on your needs. Although it claims to be a Google product it is by a third party and is not endorsed by Google. I thought that was rather strange. Maybe it was just because I was using Firefox instead of Chrome.

Gomez has a testing site which is supposed to cover all aspects of all phones.

The form you have to fill in on this site seems to cover your entire life history which to me seems totally unnecessary. They are testing your site, but they need your company your title your phone number your country state and zip code. This is definitely a case of over kill and far too much info required. Why would any test of a mobile website require this info?  To be honest all this would make me do is steer clear of it.
Less is definitely a case of more.

Well, those are a few sites you can try out to test your mobile website.

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