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The art of distinction in Web designing

Distinctiveness in Web designing actually brands the designer into the world’s best of that time. Therefore, apart from establishing uniqueness of design the notion of distinctiveness must be seen throughout any web page layout, content and links to pages. Precisely, it is eliminating confusing elements and ambiguous illustrations. Keeping everything else nice and simple yet amazing.

Distinctive Design

This is the designer’s ability to focus visitors’ eyes on elements which are relevant to the message being projected. It means removing unnecessary items that would portray any other or mixed meanings. Distinction ensures that the visitor is impacted immediately by the desired message to be conveyed.
Distraction predisposes to faulty communication or simply a breakdown of it. Never should this be found in a well constructed web design. It is not enough to drive traffic to a wed site, but also to have visitors leave with the message that should be conveyed. It is principled professional attitude toward successful web designing.
These include giving prominence only to objects which are significant to the well being of the website culture. Secondly, dilute the importance of elements which are not vital to the theme or message. A classic example of this is highlighting on the front web page children in a School when the real focus in on an activity to be carried out by the children.

They are an important element, but not the focus at the time. The purpose is for visitors to be informed about the activity. The children on that page could be considered extraneous postings lacking distinctiveness. Alternatively, the venue for the activity, time, and schedule of events should be displayed attractively to buy attention.
The thirdly principle of deemphasizing less important content can again be realized in this analogy being utilized if for some reason children took front page they can be used on a second or third with less emphasis. Fourthly, strategies must be employed in assisting viewers to find the focus of a page. It takes time and a very great sense of order. This is where distinction related order should guide the designer’s expertise.

Monitoring the value and amount of information found on each web page is another useful designing technique in promoting distinction. It is the fifth principle which should be inculcated in providing a safe designer’s guide in Distinctive Design. Sixthly ensuring that what is displayed fits the general theme adds that final professional expertise to the web design.

Overall analysis of utilizing Distinctive Design

While it is important for these six levels of distinctiveness be applied as the strategic principles; the overall picture must be that the designer should not be bombarded with violet levels of distinction to the extent that valuable details are omitted. Bland data with no focus or selective highlighting can compromise the process.

Therefore, special attention must be given to nose margins, spatial awareness, drawing focus, contrasting mediums, Highlight impact, and attention to detail. Each of these elements is essential to distinctive designing. However time constraints do not permit elaboration on each one. They will be addressed in the near future for sure.


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