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The biggest Internet controversies ever

Internet technology has always been a source of intellectual discussions from the time it has been launched as technology science. Speculations are that this is due to it’s diversify in the manner people of the modern world culture communicate via this device. Imagine letter writing, which has long been a science in itself has now become obsolete due to fast, immediate and accurate internet interaction. It is a market place of voices. It is where everyone who is computer literate has a place to give a feedback or make a comment.


Reports are that internet predators gained entry into servers, which were utilized by the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. Thousands of e-mails along with important data were vandalized and this is being recognized an internet theft. Internet crimes are still a very controversial issue. As such, to date there are many software devices invented to either catch hackers or prevent them from invading the sacred internet space.

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The great firewall of China

Internet censorship arrived in response to the need for safety measures in the internet environment. Alternatives have arisen to sabotage the enforcement of safety in the internet culture. It is believed that forbidden material and websites are those internet sources, which violate the Constitution, laws or regulations of the Chinese government.

It also includes material, talk about gambling and violence, and more. A typical example of how this system works was seen during the Olympics when foreign Journalists could not gained entry to access reports. This is how sensitive this society is to privacy.

Amazon removes sales rankings of lesbian and gay books

It was appalling to learn that Amazon had raised visibility for gays and lesbian literature. It aroused much concerns among customers. It meant that this type of literature would have been shown up the search engines, which never happen before. Amazon eventually apologized and reinstated the controversial sales rank.

Google Street View Invades Privacy

How would you feel walking down the street, and you been video taped without your consent. Speculations are that Google has violated public privacy by indiscriminately taking photographs of people while on the street without prior permission. In terms of censorship this is considered a contravention. As such, Google map has come up for scrutiny by the concerned public.


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