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The choices of Web Design Careers

When deciding on a career as a designer for the IT business you really have three choices as to the branch of the career you are going to enter.

And although a lot of it depends on luck, there is no harm in actively pursuing the direction you wish to aim at. First you need to polish your skills. You can freelance, which means you are your own boss but at the same time there is no security of a monthly check.

You can join up with a group of fellow designers in a design house, and this usually means you have a boss as there is usually someone calling the shots and footing the bills. Here you would be paid on a regular basis and sometimes with an extra incentive of a bonus or commission for a particular job. You might also be made responsible for several on going accounts. This then becomes a regular job, but you are not as free as you would be as a freelancer.

Last but by no means least you could join a company as their own private in house designer. This can be an exacting and sometimes lonely job.

You will be the knowledge person for a bunch of people, who most of the time are totally technophobia. It’s not so much they fear it as they really have no clue and aren’t wired that way.

You will be expected to not only be the person who designs and handles the website but also in all probabilities the person who everyone runs to when they download those silly forwarded emails and infect the computer as a result.  You are going to need a whole lot more knowledge than just that of a designer.  When I say that I am warning you that you will be hired for one thing but expected to be the resident expert on all things computer related. The one good thing about this is the variety and the learning curve you will go through.

The great thing about being in house is you usually have one or two projects which you can grow and develop and watch the progress while innovating your ideas and seeing them from hatching to the full growth potential. You don’t just start something and then hand it over to someone else.

This is far more satisfactory in many ways even than working for yourself as a freelancer. There is no harassing feeling of not getting enough money into the pot to keep you going, and you are free to develop what could be a long term project without the fear of not meeting your bills at the end of the month. You are free to become totally involved in a project and develop and grow it from the beginning to see it become a giant full blown project. It doesn’t mean you can become lazy and just jog along, it means you can be a Michelangelo of the internet with a good patron.

When you are fortunate enough to find a company that will not just employ one IT person but several, you really have the best of both worlds. You have company of like-minded people with the ability to discuss and develop things with an innovative group.

One thing about it is you can usually command a good salary in this kind of position as bosses tend to regard you as a geek.

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