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The DIY Approach To Becoming A Better Coder

Coding is used to build websites and create innovative website designs. The new tools and features that get introduced every so often have made this a very easy task. Where coders from the early 2000’s used to write code spending hours over getting it right, now, it’s possible to handle coding without any of that sweat. One need not be a geek, it is not necessary to be familiar with coding languages in detail either.

This is fine, if you have a deadline looming and you need to get that web site sorted and running; but at a more basic level, there is a downside to this. An apt analogy would be to compare this situation to the art of cooking. Using readymade codes is like enjoying a heat-and–eat pack, which you can cook within seconds to make a meal. However, the chef who knows how to prepare the meal from the ingredients onwards will be much better at his craft. He will know why it tastes good or bad and how to adapt it to different customers. The heat-and-eat expert will be ignorant of these finer details. However, the readymade packs should be used if the meal has to be ready in 5 minutes.

The trick is to know when you should use a tool that allows you to finish an urgent job and when you should pore over your codes and get to know them better.

Opting for the more difficult choice

•    The first step would be to avoid using web development tools like Firebug or web developer extensions. These allow error tracking and fixing and you will never know what went wrong and why, let alone how to fix it yourself. Trying out the code and figuring out how to fix your mistakes will help you master the codes much better.
•    The other thing is to avoid automatic code generators which are especially relevant to CSS3 coding. There are many tempting and easy-to-use button generators and image makers that will take very little time to use. But trying to build these codes yourself will develop a better rapport between you and your codes.
•    Learn to manually type the codes. There will be plenty of mistakes to begin with that you will need to sit and debug but then that is the whole point of it. The faster tools can be used when you’re stretched for time but otherwise go ahead and try writing your own code.

Be friends with coding

•    The readily available coding libraries developed by Google like jQuery and the simple CSS reset coding can make it hard to sit and dissect the codes and do it yourself. It’s going to take a long time and will be an arduous task. But it’s worth it in the end when you know your codes a lot better.
•    Avoid running to and fro between the editor and the browser. Finish the code and imagine the result instead.


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