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The Dos and Don’ts of Blogging

What you read below will make you think a lot and help you analyze an activity called blogging. You not only share a piece of information through your blog but also manage to have fun, interact with the audience who loves to hear from you often. As most bloggers try to get their article published before anyone matches the subject,  its not a race but a serious business for monopoly and clients, my dear friend.

And if you have checked the recent article, which was posted, Google returns may give you an idea how many have re-posted the same or are following you by every word and action. Well, finding such figures may overwhelm, but it’s the subject or the skill that matters to the web designer. With million blogs being updated every day thinking how you are going to survive this big trail is just not worth it. Stop thinking and better start working Folk; for it’s never too late to work to get clients through your blog Post.

If there is a negative thought intruding the spaces of brain, please make sure you let it escape easily. Blogging is no time waste but rather a way to come and stand up in the public eye.

Meet the Readers

Don’t take this one too seriously! Meeting here means knowing the target audience. If you know whom you are writing for and better, what is being followed, you just have the key to the lock. Furthermore, making articles interesting to read is the finest way to get them back to your page again and again.

Making clients through blogs is a perfect idea.  However, what will make way for a click on your page is actually required by the keen blogger.  So, the next thing you want to know is what should be the subject of articles or blogs?

Design or Create a Subject

Designing subject will only come if you know what to blog, how much, when and whom to address. When you have all the answers, you will be the real vendor for your website design. A designer may not boost about the project done in the past but can tell ways about his workmanship and can relate to testimonials in a big way.

And once you know that communication with business clients on the phone won’t help; you will start blogging not only about the interest on the subject, information, creation, skill but innovative ideas that will pull the clients without giving another chance of consideration.

There are many pages that provide links to free downloads and other no-cost subscriptions to vectors that are essential, but if you know the competition, and have researched well, you will definitely know this will fetch you money or not. Website called “Clients from hell” has all the likes, admiration and has gained a lot of popularity, but it is still void of any real client. Now this is what you called wastage of creativity. And now if you have got the don’ts, let’s learn the dos.

Let them Watch Your Skills

Showcasing expertise, creativity and website designs will certainly help you get clients, but if you want them to hire you straight away, check your blog. From target readers to clients, informing them about the process of work, the skill you have, case history of past projects, you can easily convince them about you. This in turn saves time and effort to tell them about you on the telephone and pleasing them to hire for their thousand-dollar project.

However, in reality, many firms ask for sample designs and format of work before they zero on one. Inculcating trust and making a positive attitude on the employer is one of the prime aims of a designer, and if you have reviews, remarks and testimonial from your past projects you may expect a nod.

Think Again!

A caution for bloggers who write and update about their work or themselves- Watch what you say about yourself and others. With internet getting millions of viewers anything negative will hold your neck for time to come.

Weigh your words; from past clients to the present projects do not write anything, which may target an individual or a firm, in particular. And especially when you are dealing with clients on and off, always get the fine lines printed in the contract so that nothing hurts you afterwards, not even if you have created a work sample for them which they do not want to enclose.

Make sure that your words or say are not misrepresented in any way that harms the self respect or dignity of any person. Your words should stick to the business only.

Safeguard Your Name

Brand protection is one of the primary needs of creative designer who blogs and works on different products through freelancing. It will hardly take a minute, to spoil all that the name and popularity you have gained with hard work. And if you not much bothered, remember any harsh comment or bad review can stop clients from reviewing your work or hiring you despite your best past records. Protecting your brand is the ultimate aim and should be taken with care as you work with multiple clients.

And when you are being professional in every way, you are not giving the readers or the viewers any chance to comment or spoil your reputation. A pseudonym is a pretty safe way of communicating to the audience via blog and also helping yourself stay away from the blotting of the image.

If there are posts, comments on blog and also on twitter, which is linked to your post, make sure you reply to each one calmly and professionally so that there is no feud left to talk about. This will not only help you gain the lost respect but also get you stand only geniuses deserve. What are your Thoughts about It? Post your comments and let us know.


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