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The Importance of good SEO writing.


images2SEO, or search engine optimisation, is an important element in any web design.   The most popular search engines are geared towards searching for text, and though it is said that a picture conveys a thougsand words, a website’s text will hold the audience to a site, accommodate their needs, and if it is the aim, sell them something.

The idea behind SEO writing is to include the same phrase, or word, a few times in the text, so that it is hi-lighted on a search engine’s search, and therefore generates traffic for the site.  The searchable phrase or word, is known as the keyword.  The trick for any SEO writer, is to ensure the text retains interest, and relevance, and the balance of the writing, is not affected.

Here is a good example of bad SEO writing.  The keyword is “SEO writing”:

The importance of SEO writing is to ensure, that the keyword is repeated a few times throughout the text, which will ensure that if anyone searches for the keyword, in this case SEO writing, will find SEO writing, when searching a search engine for the keyword SEO writing. 

As you can see the imbalance is, well, not the best, and reads poorly.  However, it does work well for this article that you are reading now, as it shows that the keywordSEO writing”, which is what we were aiming for.

A better example would be:

The importance of SEO writing cannot be overstated.  It is a good reliable way to pull your intended audience to your site and thus, increase the traffic generated by it.  SEO writing is considerably cheaper than paying Google for advertising space, and good SEO writing has a proven record to generate sales.

As you can see, the second piece has far better balance, and the keyword, “SEO writing”, has still been repeated three times.   This will push a website up the rankings on a search engine, which is the idea.

Web graphics are important, the article’s aim here is not to undermine them, but to show that the text will bring the traffic to a site.  There are sites where the number of hits are not so important, and so there is no need for SEO writing to be included.  Or it a specialist interest site, and so will only cater for a likeminded audience.

However, it is now considered essential that the text of a commercial website, is of the highest quality, and as stated earlier, good SEO writing, will drive a site up the rankings in a search engine.  Especially, the daddy of all search engines, Google.  A website could look amazing, with brilliant animations and graphics, but it wont hold an audiences attention if the website does not convey anything to do them.  The best way to do this, is through the quality of the copy.
SEO writing also saves money on paying Google, and other search engine providers, to be at the top of the rankings.  It is good business sense, to use this technique to generate traffic.

So when you are designing a website, simply ask yourself what you wish to convey to the site’s intended audience, and then think about what someone would search for, when looking for your site.  Simply tailor the text to include that keyword, around three times in the body of the text.  Ideally, this will appear at the start, the middle, and the end.  For an article such as this one, it should not prove too difficult.  If the text is for navigation links, try and include the same text and link a few times on the page.  Good SEO writing will make all the difference to your site.

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  1. starbucksfever

    Applying SEO in your writing is really effective in drawing a lot of visitors to your site. It really increases the chances of your website to appear on the top most results page. It’s really a good web strategy.

  2. SEO Pro

    This one nailed it. From my own extensive experience, SEO is the single most effective web marketing technique that a writer for web content should really know and apply.

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