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The latest on Cascading Style Sheets 3 CSS3

Cascading sheets have been around a while but there is always something new to learn. With the new W3C CSS3 specifications in the works, the search engines are getting up to scratch and starting to support them. There are several web sites and places on the internet where you can get up to date information on the latest about CSS3.

There is nothing like going to the horse to hear it from the horse’s mouth so check out the CSS Working Group to hear the latest update of all sections of the CSS3 modules.

When you are ready to get started on learning CSS3 there is a good tutorial section on Web Monkey, which tells you things you will need to know.

One of the browsers who have been in the forefront of support for CSS3 is Opera.

They have a tutorial on how to utilize CSS3 in your design.

Mobile phones are not forgotten by CSS3, and they are hard at work incorporating this as one of the major issues both for now and for the future.

An excellent series of articles on CSS3 is to be found on Design Shack.

It is I think fairly simple for even a beginner to follow and covers a large quantity of topics in its multipart series.

A website which is totally about CSS is CSS3.info.

Everything that is of interest to them and to most others is discussed here. There are demos and discussions. They have resources that are available and up to date news.

One of the working drafts of the W3C’s is the Advanced Layout Module.

It’s worth taking a look at to see how it is going to be of advantage to designers.

There is a demo on the web which you can use to see what is supported and what not with various browsers and this also included information with regard to some mobile phones.

Web Standards Project has article up about CSS3 and what you want from it.

There is a very good tutorial available on Dev Opera, which will inform you on the aspect of the DOM section.

It’s something you will need to know so take a good read.

An area that is covered by the W3C’s working draft is an introduction to Selectors in the newest CSS3.

XHTML.com had an interview with Bert Bos, which gives you an expert’s view at the developments that are going on.

He is a foremost expert in this field and is the former head of the working Group of the W3C on CSS.

There is a blog that is maintained by the working group, and it is regularly updated to give you very useful information around this subject.

The article on rounded corners is useful and can be found on 24 Ways.

This is apparently an annual event that is created by some of the top professional and so have a look around not just at the one article but all the rest they have produced.  There is a load of good information on the site.


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