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The link between designing and Typography

Keeping up to date with the forward march of the web can be a full time job. You really need to allocate at least an hour a day reading up on the latest developments.  I liken it to a doctor who fails to keep up with the real progress in medicine. I don’t mean the pill pushers; I mean the real innovators and the real doctors.

One of the main items designers tend to neglect is that of typography. I must admit I am guilty of this too. Too often we tend to have favorites and tend to stick to them rather than explore the hundreds if not thousands that are available.

Currently there are now various servers that will both provide you with new type faces and host them on their servers and then serve them up on the web in the correct format to be seen correctly in the web browser.  With the latest in servers that are available to host type for you and also to supply you with fonts at a fee per year or to enable you to buy them outright. Some of them are very expensive in this format. I find it interesting that they are offering to sell you fonts, which are already in programs that you have.

This makes me wonder as to who actually owns these fonts they are selling because some of them have been around for many years and in actual fact some are very old indeed. While I am not denying that people have created new ones I wonder at fonts that have been on your computer in a program and then suddenly I am offered that self same font at a cost of $10 a year or some such price. Am I wrong? I have an old font book from way back before the most websites when I was in Art school. Many of these fonts seem to appear there. This is just a passing through, but it does give food for thought and as to whether they actually have a registered copyright or whether an earlier copyright was registered.

Using various types of fonts in your design can be a time consuming business as you need to sort out which ones work in any particular webpage. Not only do you need to sort out the different kinds, but you also need to sort out which typefaces look good together. If you don’t get them balanced properly you can get a very lopsided effect in your design.

The main sections you will need to worry about will be your headings. This is where you need to connect with your visitor and grab their attention. Fonts used needs to be clear and easy to read. It is no use being fancy if the person viewing it has a hard time reading it. Clear well spaced type in a readable color is far more important than the fanciest typography in a pale blue color that is almost impossible to read on the white background.


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