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The most useful typography tools

Are you a web designer? Then you know perfectly well that, in design, typography is a vital component. And if the first question you would ask is”WHY” the answer is simple. Using this tool efficiently aids to set mood and to solicit emotion regarding the design. Anyway you already know this because you have already found out that working with this tool is a real challenge.

There is a multitude of free tools that can help you to test, identify size and make fonts. My only job here is to make a brief review of the most important typography tools just to remind you about them if not to help you discover new ones.

The first tool I would start with is the Typetester. Using Typetester you will be able to compare different styles and fonts on a single page. More on, you are able to try different looks for a sample text. All you have to do is to change the text attributes and styles.

FontStructor is another free tool. In fact, it is a web-based tool designed to help the web designers to create their own fonts. Due to its intuitive interface, you can easily work with this tool.

Font Tester is another web-based tool created to allow you to compare different fonts. Using Font Tester, you can see the fonts you have selected together their CSS style rules.

Typechart is another useful tool that allows you to evaluate the assortment of web typography. If you have already a font you like use Get CSS button, and you will obtain the font style rules.

Using OpentType Font Tester you can test more 20 Open Type fonts.

I also consider that CSS-Typoset Matrix is another useful typography tool. It is a matrix designed to display font margins, sizes, line-heights for different base sizes for different fonts. You will also receive the CSS code.

TypeNavigator is a search tool for visual tools that presents you a large range of images to help you to identify the name of what you are looking. I for one consider it a great tool because you must not be familiarized with the anatomy of type or with the typography terms in order to find the font you need.

If you want to test different fonts, I recommend you to use Hi-Res FontTester. It allows you to create how many samples you wish and to export your texts into a PDF file so that you can store and share them.

With Font Burner, you can look for the fonts you want. More on, you are allowed to embed the font in your own site. Great, isn’t it?

Try WhatTheFont to upload the screenshot or the image of a font. If you are trying to identify a font using question like “Does the upper-case ‘U’ have a stem? Or “What type of tail does the upper-case ‘Q’ has?”  This tool is of a great help.

I recommend you CSSTYPE if you want to experiment web-safe typography.

Fontifier is the tool created to generate you usable fonts based on your own handwriting.

Experiment different color combinations and various web typography using Designer Plaything. It is great, I assure you.

Serif Font Identification Guide presents you a series of images to help you to choose the font you are trying to find.

Font Picker will help you to browse available fonts on your own computer. It also helps you to preview and select quickly the font you want to use.

In the end, I recommend you CSSTXT that generates you CSS style rules for the web typography.


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