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The Pinnacle of Achievement

Are you in the process of churning out the website after website without really having time to really think about anything except getting it done? If you are, you are just getting it done to your best without getting out of the rote of the site after site without digging into your depths and making great websites, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.

For a start, after a while, you will start to feel dissatisfaction with your job as it isn’t fulfilling. This is because you are merely doing a job day after day without actually using your creative abilities. To take the position that you need everything absolutely perfect can also mean stagnation as it can make you feel that nothing is ever good enough to be perfect so getting to the happy medium but also satisfaction is the perfect situation.

Are you too scared to try out things in case it doesn’t work, and you waste time? Then you will never be great. Sometimes you have to put yourself on the line to achieve a breakthrough. People learn by their mistakes. If you don’t experiment you will never learn. The thing is you need to experiment but at the same time learn by each step so you can redo it without wasting time the second time around.

One has to take into consideration the amount of time you can allocate to any project.  If you are doing the project for yourself, you can allocate as much time as you like because you are probably doing it in your spare time. This is a time you can spread yourself, and you need to do it to give you job satisfaction. Budgets tend to give you time restraints on any particular projects. This means often it’s a rush to do a particular job. The freelancer has more freedom over this as he costs his own projects, and he allocates his own time. This means if he charges a set fee it means he will be shorting himself if he overspends on time on any project. However, if he is true to himself, he will spend the extra time to create a website that is true to worth ethic and will satisfy the client as well.

It is a good idea to allocate an hour or so a day to experimenting on interesting ideas. I would do this, even if I had to do it in spare time. The biggest problem is to keep yourself to the time limit. Once tends to get so engrossed that you forget the time.

Mediocre work can still give you a good living, although it won’t give you job satisfaction.

The people who make good discoveries are the ones that keep everyone moving forward and keen to find the next discovery.  The good thing is most of the craft can be learned. However, the fact is a good artist’s eye and a good idea of what your client wants and what you can utilize to create that is 90% of your problem.

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