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The Significance of Font Selection in Designing

Picking up the type of font and the size is indeed a tough decision. The likability of your words and the appearance of each letter are all dependent on the choice of  font. It is actually a creative skill by which you can pull others to read your text.

The size of the font, font spacing and other tools are used to check how it is visible to the world. Although a mathematician can do the same by calculating ratios, the font selection and its size is certainly helpful to business, which deals in promotion, advertising and designing company logos.

Playing with font is an art, which you must have to add to the advantage of a well written or a creative text. It may be a letter head of your company or the watermark on your memo; font is now an asset that can be used well in business planning as it helps you convey through designs and put an unmatched effect on the reader.

Character of A Font

Yes, there is a different trait of every font you wish to select. Like the over used Times New Roman, you must know the type which will not irritate rather make the reading, smooth and effective. Often matched with the purpose of the text, using friendly fonts like Helvetica and the likes of Univers will definitely give you smart and subtle look. However, if you are bored of the usual and want to use something brighter, do not choose the loud ones like Bauhaus 93 or Herculanum to spoil the show. Work out on simple font, which is bright enough to have its affect but not over.

Although if you are designing music album, or you need to choose a font for the highlighting a movie cover, something classy and big may juts suit the purpose.

Edgy or Simple

The classical type of typographic selection is based on serif font or sans serif Font. Serif fonts are those, which have the small nooks and hooks around the alphabet, and the sans serif are the one which do not have them.  While both of them have their appeal, it’s an individual pick in the end. Serif font has fans who like it for their edgy appearance. And on the other hand, sans serif comes good for their contemporary and classic looks. Equally competent, you can choose any, which suits the purpose.

Do not Mix the Odds

You may be Using two different fonts in one text to give a distinct clarity, do not opt for opposite fonts that do not match at all. This actually makes the readers vulnerable to skip the reading and scroll down the page.

Usage of two fonts on the same page is ideally incorrect; you must weigh to check the style you are trying to put up. And once you are satisfied with the minimal distinction you have created between the texts you can post it online.

Focusing On the Readers

Choice of a selective font or a creative style must be based on the readers. It also depends on what niche or subject your text refers to. For example, if you are writing about designs, fashion, movies and other stuff for entertainment, you can deviate from the ideal font and create a specific look. However, if it’s serious business, keep it straight and simple as you won’t be able to keep your clients on differently styled fonts. And moreover, a good write-up may bear the brunt of a font which was not stood by the reader for long and therefore, is not getting high online visibility.

In general, very few would like new styles and font in a text, they are interested in reading. And if you know your readers, keeping it crisp and clear is the only way to get the attention the content deserves. But if it is because of boredom or the usage of same style everywhere that is keeping up from selecting the usual, try minimum style with maximum suitability to the one reading the text. This will assist you in creating a new look without taking much away from the readability quotient.

Font Which Is Clear and Handy

The mode of your writing and the platform where the write up will be published will help you take the real decision. It may be the internet or the banner or a movie advertisement; fonts speak much more than words.

And when you are selecting the same, narrow it down to a portable font that will work on different operating systems. Although bloggers dare to defy “Arial” or “Georgia”; it is mainly because these fonts work well on different platforms and across all systems without a doubt.

However, when you are thinking of using an unusual font, try researching for its readability on the internet or the platform of the promotion and its viability on different devices such as cell Phone, Android, Tablets, Mac and Firefox browser. Your font must be supported and should be accepted to  all the available devices. And if you wish to study well before posting the newly selected font you can try CMS plug-ins, which will completely assist you in planning and the research.

Picking up a font from so many others is not a tedious task but a creative skill and in addition if you have the art to make it appealing to the readers and the viewers your job is done. Many universities offer courses on the geographic and philosophical impact of different typographies, but in the end its all back to basics.

A font which suits different operating system is accepted by the viewer and something which is comforting enough to help the reader read the content without much difficulty or distraction should be picked without a thought.

You may give a thought before styling the content, but it is sharing with the masses that is important. Clear, crisp and readable font must be chosen that is supported by different browsers to give the right touch.


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