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The Three Golden Rules of Site Redesign

People are always looking for guidelines on how to perform tasks. This is no different in web designing. We always need tips and advice. Here are three golden rules, which can guide you into some real strategies to help you excel in the art.
It is always important to redesign your wed site. Precisely, it is like changing your clothes every day and putting on new makeup. Do you realize what a fresh look it gives? The same way it is with redesigning of a web page. However, there are important issues you may want to consider. These include having a clear reason for undertaking this venture; how the new design will affect search engines and whether the changes will add value to the site.

Reasons for undertaking this venture

Remember, you would want your site to at least be more attractive to visitors who definitely would be searching for something appeasing when they arrive at your web site. If your product is not appealing the least your web site could seize the attention of visitors. Do you know that a beautiful web page says a lot about you and what you actually have to offer? Yes it does! So redesigning is rather important to keeping visitors interested in your product.

Change the look and not the feel

After you have realized why it is that you have decided to redesign your web page be sure to maintain the sentiments for which it was intended to convey. As such, in redirecting the design remember that the feel of the site is important to its sustenance.
After redesigning never make visitors have to decipher if they have arrived at the wrong site. Take a quick look at the logo below and take a tour of how the designer just went through the motions of redesigning with such ease.
Should your banding and logo be effectively poised it can perhaps make the transference much easier. If not, turn to the ancient site of all visual elements to become the hallmark of the design. Be open! The combination of colors, fonts, icons or photographs can actually denote the site’s brand. Use key themes liberally at specific points.
Just take a quick look at my Portfolio redesign. The current logo is located in the upper right corner. This could be something reinvented. It would appear that the logos in the upper left are so naive that they have deemphasized the page itself. Aesthetics can be maintained as can be discerned in the upper left hand corner where there is a lavish finish to the logo of the old site.

Avoid losing search engine rankings

From research, it has shown that 301 controls Google in the sense that the page disappears. As such, the entire old search engine links are channeled other areas.Synsequently, 301 redirects all pages to the new location that has been changed. I also want to redirect 301 all pages have been removed, and each section of the page. It is simple to invent 301 redirects from the web server with Apache. Htaccess.Using another method the title can be set up using document data with PHP. Finally be sure redirect the robots.txt file, and submit a new sitemap to Google when it is up and running.


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