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The ultimate guide to version control

Version control is a major aspect of web designing. It is the foundation tool for every designer who really wants to achieve success. Then it would be appropriate for this discussion to reflect on what is version control because even though it is such an essential practice, there are elements which some web designers often miss.

What is version control?

In version control, files are saved in special databases (usually called footage). Being stored separately is indicative of enhanced security measures. Versions are, however, easily restored whenever necessary. It is very advantageous applying this to web designing since the versions of files being stored are done utilizing a shared resource in compatible computers or devices.

As such, it gives opportunities for self-editing of files cumulatively with other designers. To present a conversion of a file or retrieve one from the system into the repository of the client needs to utilize services that correlate with another designer’s work as well.

Benefits of Version control

There are numerous benefits of version control and designers are not aware of them all. Those who are acquainted with them are stimulated to make the relevant application in their practice. These include being able to organize files, which make them easily accessible, less stress managing back up, centralized and stored assets of all resources, the ability to save multiple versions the same time and a unique collaborative intervention whereby web designers can work on a project together.

What version control tool is right for you is right for you?

There are so many version control tools available, so it is necessary that you research each one thoroughly to know exactly, which is best for you. Among the most popular ones are Abode Version Cue, Pixel Novel Timeline, Subversion SVNMercurial Hg and Git.

Abode Version Cue

To access this device you would have to download Version Cue Server. It is compatible with special computers designed for this type of work, which also can operate as a dedicated machine. You can attempt using license Creative Suite since it does not require activating anything.

PixelNovel Timeline

The control tool second version is designed for PixelNovel timeline. Precisely, it is a Subversion client tool built into Photoshop. It is not considered a version stabilizing mechanism (it is just an interface to Subversion) It has a unique user interface that makes versions very intuitive.
A further benefit of the device is that it is an online repository dedicated to PixelNovel, which can be used immediately. It is an ideal choice for designers who are interested in trying the version control without taking the time of going through the ordeal of downloading the entire program.

Subversion (SVN)

Experts have said that this is the most popular tool in the version control industry second to Git. The server can be easily accessed and installed. It is very beneficial in several ways. Users have testified that it is very easy to interpret and secure. Besides many clients use the service, which facilitates collaboration.


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