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The way forward in design in 2011

Well, we are moving into an exciting new year of development on the internet. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed how the pace has picked up over the last few years, but it is almost as if it is into warp speed as far as I am concerned.

The way forward into this decade lies with more than pretty pictures. You need to give value, or you are going to be left in the nether regions. Flash and pomp are things of the past. You need to be able to give quality, function and content.

You and the person who is going to be updating the blog or program will be the people who will need to make people interact with you and want to return to the website. How successful you are will depend on how you set the website up. You need to keep your talents and your skills up to date.

A pretty website is no longer the only criteria people will use when evaluating a website. The content will be of the utmost import. The need to educate, discuss intelligently and to give content of value is increasingly necessary.

The website needs to be easy to navigate, with well documented and easy to find necessary linked documentation. The simpler the better as you have all sorts of devices you need to cope. The amount of code and bandwidth some of these devices can use are limited, and it’s a case of being sparse when setting up a design. You need to compact and minimize as much as possible.

Using the latest standards is becoming more and more important. The amount of calls on the server need to be kept to the minimum and the use of web optimized photos is a must. Personally, I think the days of flash are over, unless a way is found to dramatically reduce the amount of draw this has on a computer, device, phone, Netbook or whichever device is being use. Already the heavy draw takes its toll on even a slightly older computer. While I personally love viewing good videos and because of this, I feel there needs to be a way to make them lossy in some way. In all probably the latest Photoshop or similar type of program has something like this in the pipeline.
Already the idea of HTML5 is taking hold. And when CSS3 finally gets into full blown form there will be a vast improvement. Keeping up with these design elements is of major import.

The use of simple, clean, design forms and navigation with the use of dynamic white space cannot be overstressed. Remember that you need to attract without being hitting too hard is very important. The dramatic understatement is very effective.

With new technology, you also have to take into account things like designing a website that uses a touch screen instead of a mouse. All of this has to be taken into account at the same time as stamping your brand on the website.

All of these items usually mean that you will probably need to work in a team as it really is too much for one human brain. One of these days there will be a supercomputer that you can use as a simple web design tool by tapping in the specifics, and it will do it for you. Actually, I am looking forward to that day.

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