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The Web Strategy Pyramid

Who could have thought that web designing would emerge into a pyramid as the food chain so intently followed by nutritionist? Expert designers felt that it would be useful to burrow this concept for efficiency in the industry creating a cross cultural fusion.
From observations it has been discovered that while twitter, FaceBook and all the other popular networking sites have become phenomenal still they may not be as user- friendly as they could due to web designing inconsistencies. As such, it is believed that web designing as a science can offer users a much greater experience if strategies were employed in providing the service.
In this quest web experts have embarked upon solid foundations of reinventing content, redirecting traffic and implementing strong SEO practices. For them these elements form the basis of what a web designing pyramid culture should embrace.

The Web Strategy Pyramid

As someone new to the web designing world you may be asking what in the world is this Web Pyramid. It is just as it implies. Simply, it is a paradigm though which a web designer views what that perfect design consists of. The three main elements are content, usability and SEO practices.


Content is placed at the bottom being considered the foundation upon which every other facet of the design pivots. Expertsfeel that appropriate content is essential to website construction. It actually sells the integrity of the site. Therefore, strict attention must be paid to the quality of content being posted on a wed design. It speaks volumes about the professionalism of the hosts.
Three important questions must be asked before content preparation is undertaken. First, how do the terms selected interact with user’s knowledge base? Do they have so much professional jargon that users do not understand the message being conveyed?
This is just one part of the first content clarification pyramid which ought to be addressed. Secondly, ask whether the content is web oriented. This relates to sentence construction, lengthy phrases which can become ambiguous, complicated terminologies which do not really mean anything or over all verbosity which distracts from the true message or does not coincide with illustrations or graphics.
Thirdly, in establishing blogging sites there must be a unique focus. Users must be stimulated to interact. Appropriate content is what attracts this kind of inter-relationship in the wed environment. Remember these are the building blocks of a professionally constructed web design.


The best of web sites loose their usefulness if visitors cannot find what they are looking for. It then becomes ineffective. Complex navigation, whitespace misappropriations, distracting graphics or animations and too many UX missteps are merely few of the mistakes web designers make in haphazardly designing web pages.
 Beware of these pitfalls because they are tools for immediately chasing traffic away. As a web designer the aim is to create the most efficient user friendly environment possible. Remember tools such as Usabilla can help in detecting how user friendly you site really is.


Definitely, once the content is appropriate and userability perfect then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes very simple. Actually, relevant content is the key to SEO functionality. However, relevant keywords; headings which reflect keywords and page titles displaying them are the essentials towards Search Engine Optimization. Wordcheckers are also helpful.


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