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Themes That Can Transform Your WordPress Page

Web design and themes are part and parcel of our daily life when we have a blog and are looking for new ways of implementing change. More and more beautiful well designed free themes are appearing on the various websites around the net. Ideas are being implemented with great creativity, and you are able to extend them to suit your own particular needs. I really enjoy seeing the various sections of industry that are being addressed.

I was looking at several designs today that I hadn’t previously viewed and I am going to share a few of them with you.


This particular theme is a wordpress.com theme which means it can be viewed, and used on their website and your blog there as well as downloaded for WordPress.org. This theme is an easy way of posting a topic or a comment and update or correction to a comment. This shows in a cascading format on the screen by topic. As straight blogs go, it is an easy way to both keep track of comments and topics. This is a way of keeping your site social.

Make sure you update your WordPress with the latest version which is WordPress 3.03.

A Plug-in Called Buddy Press

Sometimes you want to turn your blog into what amounts to a social network. When this occurs you can use the plug-in called Buddy Press. This theme/plug-in allows you to use the wonder of Open Source to create a group which interacts socially with each other. You can create a total area where others can start their own blogs, where they can do private messaging and interact direct with each other. In other words, you can set up a website which is like a mini Facebook. The best of all is, it is totally free, and if you want you can even monetize it. You can extend this Plug-in in a similar manner to the way you can extend WordPress and it has infinite possibilities.


This is a video player. This is a premium tool, and although you can try before you buy it does have a price tag attached to it. You require php5 to run it. Basically, they host your videos for which they supply you with a video player for your website. There is $70 fee for the standard package. There is a fee for the Club of $125 plus the monthly $15 fee attached after the first 14 days of the trial. It seems to work well although I would prefer to host my own videos. They have recently been under a DOS attack.

WP Ecommerce

Wp Shop, now called WP Latte, is an Ecommerce theme with a great deal going for it. You need a quality hosting package to run this, which has php5 on a Linux or Unix server. It will not work on a Windows server. All that is necessary to run an online shop, is available with this theme.

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