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There are substitutes

Even though Google Chrome, Firefox and the like are mostly the browsers of choice, there are several others available for you to choose from should you so wish. The actual ratios of use of various web browsers are rather lopsided.  The one thing about most people is they download one of the well known browsers and don’t look further.

It’s a good idea to take a look at what else is available you might well find that there is another, which is more to your liking. I have looked at a few and several have a good deal to offer.

The first to take a look at is Maxthon.

The thing here is that you can download various browsers both for both mobiles and also for lappies and normal desktops. This also has a dual application where you can display items in more than one browser. It will stop pop ups in their tracks, which is an excellent feature.

The next one is Arora.

This is on the Google code download site. This has all the normal stuff like bookmarks, etc., and in addition you have the set of more than 30 different translations of the pages and a download manager, a plug-in for flash and a set of tools especially designed for web developers. There are several other items which Arora also has. It is a very fast loader.

Another browser is Amaya.

This is an open Source browser which is hosted by W3C.  This is slightly different in function from the normal web browser as it doubles as a web tool for editing creating and updating documents. This can be used as a means of collaboration of work on the web. The browser has been around for about 14 years as it was started in 1996. It is used to integrate various W3C technologies on the net. It can be used with CSS and HTML as well as the various other resources. Contributions can be made by joining them in their research and development.

Flock is yet another web browser.

This was built with Twitter and Facebook in mind and integrates both of these in the browser.  They have become part of the gaming item, Zynga. This browser is aiming at being part of the Social media platform on the internet, and they intend to be very involved in the gaming side of the net in the future. Interestingly it is powered by Chromium and Mozilla.

Another I looked at is Stainless.

This is the OS for Snowleopard as well as Leopard. This has a feature you won’t find anywhere else in that you can use it to do a dual login on sites with their parallel sessions. This browser is going to be very exciting once it is fully fledged. At present, it is available but not yet complete, so there will be items that aren’t as yet available.

Last but not least I looked at Cruz.

This is aimed at the Mac contingent. And it is the social media browser for the Apple folks. Twitter is built in and the browser allows you to do split views and multiple tabs.


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