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Tips for creating tablet friendly websites

Ipad changed the way of using tablets. It is still one of the most loved tablets. Ipad is not only loaded with amazing features, but it has also modified the experience of internet browsing. Its sleek and sexy design has made this device very successful around the world. Ipad has changed the way of website designing. Nowadays, developers are getting a very tough challenge to develop websites, which is ipad friendly.

Ipad is fast and powerful at the same time. Browsing on Ipad will make you fall in love with this device. Clients are constantly in need of designers, who can develop Ipad friendly websites.

These websites are definitely not easy to develop. Below we are going to discuss some facts, which will help you in developing Ipad friendly websites. Not only Ipad, but these websites are developed in such a way that it can run smoothly on any tablet.

Removing the mouse factor

When you are developing a website, always remember that there is no mouse in tablets. All the work is carried by using fingers. Therefore one must develop websites, which is easy to navigate without the use of mouse.

You must develop websites with large navigation panel. Tablet users are very comfortable with websites, which is having a large navigation area this gives them the comfort of using a website with their fingers. Do not try to squeeze all the parts of a website, because that will lead to poor tablet experience.

Developers must understand that fingers are definitely larger than mouse pointers. They should develop controls and buttons, which can be accessed easily by using a finger. The best way to achieve this target is by developing controls, which perfectly fits the middle path. Buttons should not be very large, and very small buttons will definitely frustrate users, who will have to zoom in every time.

Make the exact fold

If you are designing a website, then you must know the proper use of folds. Tablet users are very dependent on these folds, because before accessing any website they view these folds, and try to analyze the quality of the website. So, if you are not aware of folds, then you must learn how to create an attractive fold, which will allow users to actually visit your website.

Some folds are too simple, and because of this, tablet users don’t take the burden of checking that website. You must give an attractive look, which will reveal very small information about the website, but in a very elegant way.

Tablet users are smart, and they are very choosy when it comes to web browsing. You must take advice from senior developers before developing any fold. They can give you some advice related to folds.

Working contact form

When you are developing any website, then you must make sure that your contact form is working properly on tablets. For this, you must make a very easy to use contact form, which should be interactive and attractive. Contact forms are the only way by which users can contact you regarding any subject. If these forms are not working properly then your design will suffer a lot.

Before making any contact form, you must check it personally from any other tablet. Make sure that every button and labels are displayed correctly, and you must also check their functionality.

Get rid of flash

When you are going to develop a tablet friendly website then always remember to avoid flash. Ipad and other tablets doesn’t support flash, and this the reason why most developers try to avoid heavy flash programs.

Use of flash will make your website heavy, and to view those programs, tablet users will have to download additional plug-ins or any other software. Tablet users really don’t want to download useless programs, and because of this, developers are not using flash.

You can use other languages like HTML 5, which provides the same functionality. You can use CSS, which will allow you to create various style sheets.

Always remember to develop websites, which are not too heavy. They must have easy codes and designs. Simple interface is also encouraged these days, because simple websites can be viewed easily on tablets.

Allow different modes

When you are developing a website then allow more than one mode in which your website will operate. Tablets are having various facilities, and one of them is that users can switch their viewing mode from landscape to portrait. Therefore, web developers are facing some tough challenges while creating websites, which will support multiple viewing modes.

Always try your website first. Take a tablet and try to view your website in different modes, so that you can find out some problems, which are still present in your website. Try to remove those problems before proceeding further.

Believe in simplicity

Always develop a website, which is simple and easy to use. Tablet users are not comfortable in using heavy websites with lots of nagging applications. These things might look good when used in PC, but browsing experience completely changes in tablets.

Heavy applications will definitely make your website good, but at the same instance browsing time will suffer when used through tablet.

The fact

These challenges are definitely tough to dodge, but you also get the opportunity to showcase your creativity. By facing these challenges, you can also reveal the secrets of simplicity. Simplicity is very important for websites, especially if they are browsed through different platforms.

Tablets users are growing day by day because they are easy to use with high quality features. Ipad came into the market and created a buzz everywhere. Other companies like Samsung and LG also introduced their tablets. Therefore, companies are constantly launching new and improved tablets every year, and because of this, demand for tablet friendly websites are growing.

Therefore, if you are facing any problem while creating any website, then above listed points will definitely help you. You can also take help from your seniors, who can definitely give you some quality suggestions regarding development of tablet friendly website.


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