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Tips that help a designer evolve

Web design is a creative field which requires imagination as well as a technical dimension to make it complete. Some particular fields including that of design is a continuously evolving one and designers need to seek avenues to continually improve at their craft and develop their skills.

This kind of attention to self improvement has several benefits. It helps to fine-tune your craft, prevents stagnation, it keeps your interest alive and it keeps you ahead of the pack. Remember most designers will not bother to keep up with new developments continually, so this is good news for those few who will persevere sincerely in their pursuit of improvement. This list will provide a run through of those factors which will stoke your interest in growing as a designer.

1.    The first inspiration to grow comes out of seeking financial stability or better prospects. To want to command a better standing in the industry, it is certainly useful to keep abreast of the developments in your field.

2.    If you are new to the industry, being up to date with technology will bring your work recognition faster than the rest.

3.    Doing Pro Bono work is a good way of practicing new skills in design as well as doing public good.

4.    Constructive criticism in the form of feedback from clients will help to focus on areas that require work and will also bring out strong points of your work. Make sure you ask for feedback from your clients and incorporate changes the next time you take on a project.

5.    Reading up on printed instructional material like books or magazines relevant to your area is very effective way to promote professional and personal growth. Online tutorials are available but in conjunction with online learning, reading books will help add depth and character to your repertoire of skills.

6.    Opting to experiment with concepts will make your designs grow. This is not easy to practice (it need be attempted when you have a deadline coming up) but it will enhance your trouble shooting abilities and will teach you how to incorporate new ideas into old design concepts.

7.    Learn the fundamentals: Cosmetic software packages which make your design work easier might sound tempting to use but the fact is that nothing comes close to learning basic fundamentals like coding with HTML/CSS.

Tips to implement these ideas practically:

•    Keep aside a fixed time every week when you spend time learning or reading something new on your subject.
•    Dedicate a notebook for new inspirational ideas, designs and sketches. Write them down before the ideas vanish into oblivion.

•    Learn to take up a diverse range of work to avoid creative burnout. If the workplace restricts you on this, you can consider exchanging assignments with colleagues with their consent.
•    Put pen to paper. Set and write down achievable goals with allotted time frames. Tick them off as you accomplish them one by one. Goals in the head seldom materialize.




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