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Top 10 payment systems

If you are into freelancing, then you must understand that online payment systems are very important. These systems help you in receiving and sending money from one corner of this planet to another. Freelancing is incomplete without these payment gateways.

Below we are going to discuss some of the most popular and safe payment systems, which can flourish your business. Some payment systems are working from a long time while others are still trying to get a solid ground.

But before getting started, we should understand some terms which will help you in understanding this article.

1.    ACH payment – automated clearing house is the full form of ACH. By using this feature users can make payments easily. It will automatically transfer money from your bank account to clear all the payments.

2.    Merchant account – it is similar to bank account, which can be used for payment purpose. You can receive and send money by using merchant account. Sometimes, merchant account is also used in the form of payment gateway.

3.    Payment gateways – it is used as the middle layer, which ensures that every transaction is made in a safe environment. All the details and credit card information will be kept safely. Payments will take place through payment gateways.

4.    Payment processor – it ensures that credit card is used in a legal way, and if there is any kind of fraud, then it will resolve the issue instantly.

Now we will continue with our top 10 payment systems.


This is the most popular payment system present in today’s world. Most of the e-commerce based transactions are used by this system. Many e-commerce websites trust this system to commence payments in a secured way.

The price range is very low. In starting, you will have to pay 100$, and later on you will have pay $10 per month.


PayPal is actually the leader in payment industry. It is a huge user base, who constantly use PayPal to receive and send money instantly. You can upload money in your account or you can pay directly by linking your credit card. Sending money is extremely easy; all you have to do is send the money on the email address. User interface is easy to use and simple. PayPal allows you to send money to other users and this is the only payment system, which allows this kind of service.

PayPal charges around 3%. No monthly fee is charged to the user.

Google checkout

Google checkout is definitely the best option if you don’t like PayPal. The basic reason for the launch of checkout is to challenge PayPal. All the services provided by Google checkout are very much similar to PayPal. The main advantage of Google checkout is that you can access all the features by using your Google account. More than 70% users are have a Google account, and this is an added advantage of Google checkout. Payments done by checkout are simple and very affordable.

Amazon payments

Amazon payment is new in the market, but they are slowly gaining popularity. Although their services are not that flexible, but still you can receive payments without any trouble. This payment system is used by kickstarter. All the payments are made by using ACH method.

Charges are similar to PayPal, but for bigger transactions they charge a low amount.


This company is giving tough competition to paypal, and all the services are similar to paypal. But the only difference is that paypal is having a good brand image whereas dwolla is still trying to make a decent impression.

They charge a low fee as compared to their competitor.  For all transactions made below 10$, you won’t have to pay any charge, but if you make a transaction more than 10$, then you will have to pay a charge of 2.25%.


This is good for those developers who want to add a payment system into their newly developed website. This payment system is very easy to use, and you can access all the features just by creating an account. Payment methods are easy to understand, and you can receive money from every corner of this planet.

Charges are similar to paypal, but they are not so famous as compared to Paypal.


Braintree is mostly used by technical website, who likes to receive and send money. This payment system is very safe. You can link your credit or debit card with this website to get instant payments. Charges are very low and features are similar to many payment systems.

The main specialty of this system is their simplicity. They have kept their design very simple and basic users can access all the features without facing any trouble.


Samurai is a very strong payment system, which is launched to compete against some of the biggest players in the market. Their main product is fee-fighters. This tool helps in comparing rates with other payment systems.

We pay

We pay is a very fast payment system, which allows you to get your payments done by using credit or debit cards. They won’t charge you monthly. All the transactions take place in a secured way. Fees are not very high, and they will charge you if you choose to pay by using your credit card or internet banking.


This is another payment system, which is not so famous because they are charge a big fee. Apart from monthly fee, you will have to pay for every transaction which you will make. As far as features are concerned, they offer same features, which are offered by paypal.

There are various ways by which you can receive and send money, but the decision completely depends on your needs. If you are have a website, and you need a large transaction then you should choose payment system, which will charge you less. If you are a freelancer, then paypal is the best option for you, because paypal charges less fee and it is vastly used.


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