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Top Reasons: Why Printmaking will continue As an Art Form

Printmaking still interests many. With this form of art, you cannot only create a design, but a look which is completely distinct from the rest. There is a lot of difference in print making and printing as the latter reproduces usual texts and images. And to re-initiate the interest of many, who have been finding this as the art-by-gone, let us talk more about Printmaking in depth.

Printmaking allows us to create forms of art and designs.  Started around 4th century AD, this art form regenerated with time and made way for the process, which is now being used in printing. Vintage stamp’s collection and appreciating art forms are included in hobbies, which give the human being an urge to experiment with the process available to them today. Although, before a series of numbers was used to define printmaking, but today it’s a distinct form of style, which is classic as its impressions appeal to the masses or those who have fine knowledge to understand art.

There is so much more into printmaking, which will keep you glued through this post.

Printmaking as an art form

Printmaking was initially used to reproduce different religious text and manuscripts for distribution. With the passing of time, it started evolving from preservation purpose to creating different work of arts and also played a very important role in involvement of the printing process.

As, people by nature are experimental and perceptive; valuing experience and quality in any work form, and printmaking is no different. And when you are printmaking, it’s not only the final product but whole process and the experience that matters. It engages an artist’s sense of work, which certainly makes print making a beautiful experience.

Below are the few reasons why printmaking is still alive in today’s digitized world:

A form of Non Conformity

In today’s world, artist explores distinct mediums of art – painting, design and printmaking have stayed in one of the few with the high degree of acceptability. The main reason for it is because of the different processes that are involved in creating a print through printmaking.

A lot of new and talented artists have found their niche in printmaking; it is also very important to know that all the graffiti and street are actually a form of printmaking using stencils. It makes print making a big toll in rebellious artist who want to express themselves differently.

A Varied Style

There are many artists who use unusual methods and techniques when it comes to printmaking from woodcuts, etching, Stencils and screen printing.  Since the way the art is produced has been streamlined, and is accessible to the public, many artists seek alternate mediums for their work. If the artists are patient and like to try out new and different techniques to produce the art, then printmaking is a very inviting medium who look for inspiration in other forms of art.

The Collective Effort

Printmaking has survived through history because of its collaborative nature. It has survived many cultural and technological changes over many years. And still it has not only survived, but has evolved with time. The collaborative nature is one of the big plus point in this form. This has helped many people to develop interest in the work, and the process that he has become the patron of. It is the whole process and experience of the art of printmaking that makes it special. From these collaborative efforts, further techniques and methods are developed, and it is a big reason why it has survived the test of time.

In Keeping With the Tradition

The most important thing why printmaking is what it is today is because of tradition. It is a tradition that has brought it here and helped it survive. In many places and many art forms the technique of producing art from printmaking is now a tradition that has been followed through centuries. Today students who study art are taught different methods and techniques that are involved in printmaking.

There are many galleries, forums and society that make a special effort to exhibit the artists who use varied styles of printmaking techniques. There are societies that have developed fan following of this kind of art work produced from printmaking. They not only exhibit, preserve but also encourage young artist and art enthusiast to produce more work.

In this fast-moving world of the internet and soft form of art, we may not notice printmaking today, but printmaking has evolved with time. It has actually formed a part of many changes in the way we live today. Even in today’s time we are practicing same age old ideology that is printmaking. One of the best examples in today’s world is the computer that we are using today- they are the advances form of an impression, the typewriter, which has developed from the previous medium of printmaking.

Printmaking is not only an art form, but a way we live and think today. It is through printmaking that we have most of our earlier art forms reproduced and preserved for today’s generation. Printmaking has actually formed the basis of the way humans have developed art and literature.

It would not be wrong to say that printmaking today has formed a cult, and it is one for art form that has got it niche artists, patron and enthusiast.  A lot of galleries around the globe who exhibit printmaking have use following, and people from different walks of life come and follow printmaking. If you found a print-maker or an unusual printmaking work to be displayed, Leave a comment or let us know via Facebook and Twitter.

Printmaking is here to stay as the roots of the printing process still go back to the ancient ways of creating an impression. Although, this needs to focus longer than other art forms, we should salute the spirit of those who have been following this art and helping it to live further.


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