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Transformation of Web Trends

The web has changed in a lot of ways. Moving ahead of Web 2.0 look, we saw the dilution of the design trends and saw it take the epidemic turn. Glass button got fewer, beveled edges got included along with special effects like reflection and badges. Various phases also saw vibrant inclusions like vulgar patterns and dominant transitions. 

Symptoms of the trending in web designing have been epidemic but what exactly started it? Beginning with some of the most common ones which you may have noticed, here are the main reasons for the transformation.

Borders with Zigzag Pattern

One of the most common entities in web design elements is borders. Anything that grab attention is a designer’s delight. This is where zigzag pattern borders come into light. People with designing knowledge like this along with people who see it. Straight edge borders have lost their appeal somewhere down the line.

Another kind of border patter that has been doing the rounds is stitching. Gradually, a designer spends some quality time for designing the borders and stitching pattern. The best part about stitching is the 3-D effect that comes with it. Along with a suitable texture applied to the page, it gives a legitimate response from the crowds.

Ribbon with Fork Pattern

After the elegiacs provided by borders, it is now time to respond to other design pattern. One of the biggest trending symptoms for transformation is forked ribbon. Ribbons were a favorite since the beginning. When it was used as a decorative item in real life, it also gained a positive response from the online world of designing. Diagonal line is the perfect factor behind its survival in the web designing world. Evoking the memories from the past, it brings a soothing essence to the audience. Web 2.0 had many inclusion of the perfect badge like appearance of ribbon and it still goes strong with time.

Illustrations from the Past

The 19th Century is known as the starter of the web designing world and hence there are illustrations from that age to this world. And its ability to cope with the recent time, its vintage friendly essence will survive for a long time.

Letterpress with Textures

Here comes the next big thing responsible for the trending web designing which is letterpress along with textures. Digital interface is achieved with letterpress and in all ages textures have always been the god of design basics. Embracing the specific domination of a particular field, textures are responsible for effects of various varieties. You can choose a matte finish texture or a vibrant vulgar color textured or go classic. It also encapsulates the essence of the webpage you are designing for. On the other hand, letterpress is after effects implied on already registered pattern of typography. Both of them make perfect symptoms for the rise of the transformation.

Mute Tones

Have you ever noticed the depth of any web design? If not then you need to do it now as these are mute tones which give importance to design pattern. Simple designs are aggravated and condensed form of typography and design is seen with mute tones.

Typography Effects and Future Effects with Skeuomorphic Features

Ornamental typography is a type of font that agitates people to stay focused on a page. There are several examples set in front of you which deal with legitimate response from the world that sees it with a closure. Circular scripts are basic shapes which set an effect in front of the world along with presenting a brand in it. Justified or centered typography is now the new kid on the block taking the stage and replacing cursive effects and italics style form. These small things play a big role for determining the overall effect. Skeuomorphic Features are the next future inclusion of web designing. Physical references are given close response in form of 3-D effects and vibrant colors. This takes you to an alien world and hence these make the final transformation of the web design world.

Beginning and reasons for its start

Internet is a wide world with many new inclusions everyday. There is no appropriate beginning to this transformation but symptoms have always been there to proclaim a justified response. Change is necessary and inevitable to bring a fresh start and trending the fashion statement. There is no specific time of start though but it surely got into the world of web designing. Web 2.0 saw the end of some basic designs and beginning of the new trend.

Standing apart from the crowd and getting response from the crowd it is the objective of this transformation. Sans serifs have always been preferred the most but there are places where you can see huge traffic and no inclusion of sans serifs or ethical culture of designs.

Harmful to the Society or not

Ask about what you need to care about the most in this trending phase and you will get the answer as void. This is simple and straight. Change will come and designers will comply with it but the large distinction of the transformation phase does pressure the creativity factor for designers.

Is it harmful for the designer society or not is the question that rises now. The creative integrity is at stake and is surely depends upon your output and results. At the end of the day, you are either with the trend or may be against it, but changes are inevitable.


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