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Tribute To The Legend Steve Jobs

To live is to die, and to die is to live, need we an apple to fall on our heads to remind us the way home? Or do we wonder who is it that is throwing the apple on our head? Steve Jobs may have passed on to higher things, life ordered and obeyed, is now an apparition, a meaningless discussion for those who are still searching for Newton’s nemesis.

Rich tributes like rivers flow and the Apple still seeks it tree, of knowledge, from whence it came, and stay the thoughts of a hundred aspirations which are wrapped in one tiny bite. The applications, the viewpoints which one thought were impossible were now an open street, a new a way of life. Surely, they have passed on. The genius walks in shadows of disbelief and unbelief without any care anymore. Could more be said?

The various aspects of the life of Mr. Jobs are reflected in the artwork which are depicted in the site (refer last line)Today we see that another kind of life does exist, that there are turnings which man is capable of an dreams which flourish. If the applications fall short at times then you turn towards the inspiration, not the object itself. These subjects and much more are depicted in the drawings shown here.

Especially touching is ‘Steve Jobs Coffee Painting Tribute’ where the strokes of the brush capture the great man in one of his more favorite poses. You almost miss the coffee altogether until you gaze back again at the title. Portrait Illustration which depicts the scene where Mr. Jobs is unveiling his iPhone brings plenty of memories of fans, of times when there were no iPhones and of times when people dared not dream of things “as ridiculous as an iPhone!”

In terms of quality perhaps the painting ‘Thank You Steve Jobs’ is the best. There is sharpness about the picture which strikes the eye. The use of the darkness, and the splash of waves of color depicts clarity which ahs the characteristics of a photograph, almost. ‘Steve Jobs 1955- 2011’ is another painting which uses the darkness to depict the seriousness of the man. The aspirations of his dreams perched perkily at the tip of fingers in the shape of an apple.

‘Thought Differently’ depict Mr. Steve Jobs in his trademark black T-shirt and jeans. It also shows the triumph of the man against all odds even till the end. It brings us to the question, will there be another man like him, or will there be another time like the one he and all his followers passed through? For we know that the hour produces the man, and so does claim him.  Is then this the end, we ask  ourselves to live forever is to have another kind of dream, an aspiration to become that which man yearns to be and ….. will be ……. when we have another Steve Jobs.




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