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Typography and designing

What percentage of your web design is taken up with type? When you consider typography from that stand point you will see how much influence and importance it actually has in any design.

When you think about typography and how it works and which types go with different types and the various companies that have on line availability of special types.

Many of these companies rent the types out to you both on the yearly basis as well as the amount of views your site receives per month. This can be quite a costly business. There are one or two where you can purchase the type outright but this is extremely expensive, unless you are a full time designer. If you are a designer it can be worth your while to buy a particular type, especially if it is one you use often. However, when you consider the type can cost upwards of $600 each it can be an expensive business and one you need to consider carefully before you purchase.

Combining type faces have certain rules but as always rules were made to be broken. Basically, your typefaces need to look good together in the design.


You can use typeface to make a statement. This way you will need something that stands out both in type and in color. This is where you will be using headings in different areas like your H 1 and subheadings. Attention to these areas is important as this is the way to grab your visitor’s attention. These headings need to have an attention gripper in text to make people read further. This is one of the places that you use up the 15 to 30 seconds that your visitor uses to scan the site to see if it is of interest to them. These headings need to be tagged.


Size of the font is very important. If your type is too small you will lose your visitors at the rate of knots. People do not like to strain their eyes, and they know there are other websites out there. Anything that is hard to read and too close together, you will lose them very quickly.


Make your paragraphs clear with white space around them to be able to be clear and easy to read. Remember a lot of time today your site is being viewed on a mobile phone. If the type is small no one can read it. One way you can separate the content by heading is by using different colors. This can also be done in blocks of text by alternating the background color.

Make sure that your hyperlinks stand out in color. Many people prefer to right click a link and open it on a new page. This way you don’t have to backspace to get back to the page you were reading. Overall the use of color and the use of the font are extremely important. This can both cover at least 50 % of your website so you need to pay at least 50 % of your attention on it and the combinations you put together. Your site’s layout has to complement the typefaces and so does the size and the point size you are using.


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